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Suggestions, Observations and QoL Requests

Yes I know, it’s past the 4.8 release but I’ll list it anyways since all of them still exist. Maybe you could consider some of them for the next update.

Main Menu

  • Make the cursor above the hero picture and medals more visible (console-only)

Troops & Teams

  • Eliminate Skill Points is still called Decrease Skill Points under Filters/Spell Effect

  • Blessed, Cursed, Enchanted, Enraged, Frozen and Submerged should use their respective present grammatical term and not the past term under Filters/Spell Effect

  • You can exceed the end of the Banner Screen to the left and right to go on the opposite end of the list, not anymore when a Search Filter is active (console-only)

  • The main Hero Class select screen should show their Origin and Race, not only the Name, Level and Talent Level

  • On the Pets tab, the Search Filter is always saved even if you don’t press Save Filter


  • Eternal Death still has a boost ratio of 3:1 instead of 2:1 like his player-owned equivalent


  • Show the related color to each kingdom on their main page

  • Let us press UP on the D-Pad to hover over Explore in one press, instead of two (console-only)

  • Give us an option to immediately choose the pre-used difficulty for the next Explore Run

  • Remove the notification for Mini-Boss and Mythic-Boss fights in Explore

Other Thoughts

  • Level Up bonuses should guarantee one colored stat point which is the overall lowest instead of giving two random choices

  • Shop Tiers in Pet Rescues should not have colored jewels, instead give more respective pet food

  • You’re still using the wrong flag for German language, this one is for authorities. The actual state flag is only black/red/gold.

Thanks for reading. <3

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