Pvp pet filter

A pvp pet filter please thks … Only a minor thing you guys (devs) have overlooked…


nice idea, but useless right now in my opinion, as they have to rework most of these pets, they make no sense

Existing cosmetic pets should be changed to buff pets for troops or kingdoms, just like the existing ones.

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Going to add my vote here to bump this thread up. It’s not a priority but it would be nice so I know which pets I still need to collect.


This is a great idea.

My reason why, if all cosmetic pets, got a boost, any boost.


This is a bonus to the players with most cosmetic pets, basically the people been with your game longer get a little extra bonus.

I’m only 2 years in game, there’s over 30 cosmetic pets I don’t have.

But I do think, this is a little thankyou , to length of time supporting your game.

Please do this Devs.


That’s an awesome idea! :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Yes please! I tried typing PVP into the pet search bar with no luck. I love that you guys gave them little swords and shields to set them apart visually but there are just so many pets overall that it is ineffective to scroll through and look for them that way.

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If you type “buff” into the search bar, you’ll halve the shown pets more or less. Makes it easier to find them.

Maybe also sort for level since they’re probably down at the bottom of the list for a while.

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I just started putting them in my own spreadsheet. :wink:

I’ve been wondering if there was a community one anywhere.

Or will you share yours? :slightly_smiling_face:

Ha ha, well I only have four documented so it won’t help much. @Shirley8540 has posted a chart on Taran’s GOW Alliance discord server. Lots of helpful game info there, as well as awesome people. It is posted on the game-chat channel right now. Lots of other good reference charts on the guides-and-resources channel. And also on the GOW Library discord server.

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