Suggestion: Time counter on battle screen

Currently, when we access the summary screen during a battle, among the markings we see, including gold and maps collected, Mana Surge bonuses, and allied and enemy kills, we also see a Time Counter recording the time of the battle.

I would like to request that this counter be placed on the battle screen. We have a large space above where we see the Gold, Souls and Maps collected. The battle “timer” could easily be placed next to these items.

I am curious to see, live, how long my battles took without having to access the other screen.

Would it be possible?

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I’d also like this stat seen somewhere on the victory (and defeat) screen for all modes. Would make it way easier to test team efficiency.


Exactly. I wonder why they didn’t immediately put it on the main battle screen. As I mentioned, it would fit perfectly next to the gold markers, souls and maps.
And it would be equally interesting if after any battle in any mode, the time of the fight was presented on the next screen, along with the rewards.


And number of turns too.


And make it toggle-able as an option (like cosmetic skulls) so that it’s even complainer-proof


Great suggestions, I’d love for these to be implemented too :slightly_smiling_face:


Excelent idea.

Now that you mention it, that would be perfect. A few adjustments would be enough at the top of the main screen, above the board with the gems.
I hope some Dev will see this suggestion and consider making this implement for us.

I’d like to see it happen, too, especially if the additional suggestions were taken into account, but I’m doubtful, unfortunately.

Casinos don’t have clocks on prominent display for a reason, after all…


Let’s hope some Dev sees this request and takes us into consideration. It’s not something that will change the game against anyone, but it would help a lot in the fun, after all we would have more control over the teams we set up and tested.

Realistically, being able to see (at least in some clickable menu, e.g. a part of the battle info screen) other GW-related stats such damage dealt/received and mana generated would probably be fun as well.

If they were really generous, they could add the option to generate a GW score for a training (or other) battle, assuming a particular colour.

Some people like to see stats, achievements and progress!

(This is getting a little separate from the main request, though, which I fully support as a non-default, toggle-able option, for the comfort of other passengers.)

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