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Victory! A Better Screen

Look at this thing…

  • Gold. You’re making players do math here. I see I collected 3,796 Gold. I also know I have some bonuses, like 100% from Armor, 50% from VIP, 5% from Pets, and 730% from Difficulty 12. So How’d I get to 3,796 Gold? Uh, well, I collected 85 gold in battle, then you add that to a base of 118.9, then you multiply that by all your bonuses (except for difficulty), then you multiply that by the difficulty… (85+118.9)*(1+0.5+.05+1)*7.3 = $3796.

If I click on it, here’s what I get…


What I’d like to see:


  • Time. The only place this is visible is in the match itself. Why isn’t this displayed after the match ends so players know how long a battle lasted? No one is actually checking that screen from inside the match to see how long the battle has been going on, unless it’s some hilariously long game (45 minute games vs Guardian Crown anyone? I can’t just let them win!)


  • Game Analysis. I know the game already tracks all of this, because it’s how we get MVP stuff after PvP matches. There’s so much information you could display, things like:


And all sorts of other neat stuff. Gems exploded, life gained, lots of fun stuff! Just put it on some other screen we can pop up :wink:


If they added more information, I would prefer it was optional to access, like in World of Tanks I can hit x to go to next battle, hit RB to see leaderboard or LB to see Damage stats.

I don’t need extra mandatory clicks added to PvP. “Congratulations Chunky, you’ve unlocked PvP tier Ten. Go to your mailbox to collect rewards”. Please restrict the extra clicking to Explore mode only…

I do like extra stats tho, especially time spent killing those Guardian Crowns. They get a TWF when I win, and a x5 Hi1 when I lose.


Victory screen is definitely, hm … antiquated?

Fixed for you.


Definitely make it optional somehow. With stuff like daily tasks I’m already clicking skip, skip, continue, continue etc.
Having access to it if you want to know though, I’m in favor of that.


I hope that 5.0 update will bring this request to life.


Stats are good, gamers love stats. Having the match details optionally available to access on demand seems like a no brainer… I know I would certainly welcome that information being available.

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