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Details about the battle on the victory screen

For five years I have seen a victory screen that shows the rewards I won after winning (or losing) the battle. I’m not talking about the PvP MVP screen, but the post-battle screen, the one with the rewards in any battle in the game…

However, I would like this screen to show details of the battle I just fought, such as:

  • Battle time.
  • Total movements made.
  • Destroyed gems (each color).
  • Allied troops lost.
  • Enemy troops shot down.
  • Greater damage done (magic and skull).
  • Greater damage suffered (magic and skull).

Anyway, if we had this data, we might even be able to use it to define event requirements, such as faster victory (less time), with less movements or with bonus for movements in a certain color.

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It would be nice to be able to review the Team the enemy was using, rather than “Damn, that was a good team, now what was it…?” :frowning:

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There is a way to do this by going to the Battle Log, one of the PvP tabs, where you can see your battle history. There you can fight again (in a friendly way, without rewards) against opponents who won or who were defeated.

However, if the opponent changes the team you are using in defense, you face the new team placed and not the one you previously faced.

It would also be good if the data could be exported to file. Would help see how defences worked in battles - see guild wars. Turns/moves/mana used/board moves/spells cast/ damage done/effects etc.

Many years ago I used to play H2H/sim American Football leagues and you’d get a log for every play. You also got a vcr of 5 key plays in game which helped you scout and later versions allowed you to record a full h2h graphic game which was live playing and stuff. You also got logs, and 3rd party utility makers could parse them with created software that you could streamline to your taste.

Not quite sure why GoW won’t allow/do that, this was 1992-1999.

I’m sure it would help parse bugs too.

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That’s not all battles.