Would it be possible to show total gold/souls on victory screen?

A lot of the time you are farming for a certain amount of gold in PvP.
With the gold disappearing from the battle start screen in 3.0.5, maybe you could add some totals to the battle end screen instead?

For example:

In the top left is a tribute available icon.
This tells us we should go click tribute, and break from PvP for a sec :wink:

And at the bottom, above the one liner, there are your current totals.
I don’t think you need all 4 tbh, gold and souls is probably enough, which would make it less cluttered.
(souls in the hope that we can soonish start farming explore without having to go to the map screen all the time).

Instead of the separate icons at the bottom, you could also make the bar with rewards in the middle higher, and add a row under the numbers (aka between x666 and +133 XP).
Then you could put those totals in there, for a more streamlined look.

Kind regards,


Me like this whole suggestion.