Consolidating post match rewards (Stones, glory, gold, souls, keys, maps)

At the moment, ending a battle and viewing your rewards takes a bit of time:

  1. Traitstone earned
  2. Glory earned
  • Insert potential additional reward here (filling up the defense bar)
  1. Gold earned
  • Followed by souls

  • Keys

  • Maps

3 of those require loading a new screen, while looking at the additional rewards on the gold screen requires waiting for the rewards to pop up on the bottom right of the screen. Even with the fast forward button on the bottom right, it would be great if there was an option to just have every reward pop up in a single screen so we could evaluate performance in a glance before moving on to the next battle.


can we PLEASE have this?

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+1 and a link to a similar topic:


I would definitely love to see a quicker end battle screen.

My main time issue right now is having to spend hours on end disenchanting. Troop leveling was made quicker, but was then buried in disenchanting and ascending that take hours.


I’ve recently been wondering what’s causing that weird fast paced clicking sound I keep hearing every now and then. Then I realized it’s my mouse finger frantically trying to speed up the rewards screen.

+1 for this.

+1 has been a minor annoyance of mine for a while :stuck_out_tongue:


+1 Yeah, we want this so much!

Definitely would be an improvement. As is, you can skip glory IF you get a traitstone by hitting the little fastforward button that pops up with the traitstone, but you still have to endure the gold and whatnot. Seems like that fastforward button ought to do what it does when opening chests: skip to a screen that summarizes your winnings.

I mentionned this too in another feature request topic talking about game ergonomy.
So I guess that’s a +1 from me too.