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Suggestion: Replay Kingdom Quests

Would it be possible to make it so you replay thru the quest mode of the different kingdoms? Any reward structure could be minimal (or non-existent). But I think it would be fun to be able to replay thru the quests again, since there was a lot of work that went into them, only to have each player only see them once, unless they have multiple accounts.



In a recent stream, one of the devs said that they were planning to make this happen in some form (maybe increased difficulty and more rewards?). I’ll see if I can find reference to the quote somewhere…

In the meantime, if you’re curious about the quests, you can review the battle lineups and the scripts for all the kingdom quests over at http://gowdb.com/kingdoms/

Cool. Thanks for the info and link. Will check it out.

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In this stream from December 4, at about 7:30, you can hear Sirrian explaining what is coming with respect to quest replays. He says they want to give something “really worthwhile” for replaying the quests, but doesn’t give anything specific on what that will be or when the change is coming. Just “soon” (as usual).

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We are definitely planning to make storylines replayable. :slight_smile:


man sirrian is so gorgeous :heart_eyes:

Waifu material some would say.

@Saltypatra any estimation time when you guys will be able to tell us more about the new game modes? It’s coming quick we already february