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Replay quest option

Hey would you like to have the option to replay quests? You could replay quests like you can replay the challenges so PLAYERS WHO HAVE played through the quest can play it again for when the devs update quests like with khaziel’s quest they put the boss grogothia in there but, those who have already played through it couldn’t encounter him in quests. So I would like to be able to replay quests

Depends, for example, if we were given another one of the kingdom’s quest epic. If so, I could see people running through multiple times to get that creature to mythic, you know, for the mythic achievement if they don’t have it.

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More than likely if they were to do this then it would be like the challenges and not give the reward again

Thanks for clearing that up. Hope this appears next update.

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Glad you agree with me

Hard not to agree with a good idea. Too bad there will always be “that one guy” who just disagrees to disagree.

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yeah but, one person wouldn’t ruin it for everyone

Very true.

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The dev team has been hoping to add the option for players to replay quests in the future, this is definitely on the cards already! Unfortunately no ETA right now, the’re likely waiting for a good opportunity such as an update which features other quest related or kingdom changes (as opposed to the updates we’ve had which introduce Hero class changes or new features).


Nice to know. We’ll just chill and wait for the update.

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Lol, I forget you’re still new here cyrup.
Quest replay has been on the to do list for about 3 years.

Hence my response that the team is probably trying to align it with a specific update that they can incorporate the feature with. :smile: Unfortunately I don’t even know the specific plans we have beyond the next update, and even then things can change around. Sometimes other things take priority, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen (cougggh Dawnbringer?)

Awesome nice to know. Thank you