Allow re play storyline

Love the new kingdom final story battle, The Final Four, although they are weak. I retreat couple times just want to facing them again. Please make the storyline playable once finished. No need for the reward. Just for fun.

I believe they talked about doing this… next update? Might be wrong about the time frame, but they definitely mentioned doing it.

That’s great to hear!

thanks for mentioning that this is being considered. Since I completed all kingdoms, I’ve been sort of missing the story lines. Being able to repeat would be great.

It’s not the same as replaying, but you can read all about the questline here on Lyya’s site. Just click on the all quest link!

I like to occasionally read it as well, as some new lore might mentioned some bit about it. Especially with the new Lore Keeper post, it was full of references of past questline.

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We would like to make the story replayable in the future. :slight_smile:



That’s what I just wanted to suggest! :heart_eyes:
Also, don’t forget to implement the soundtracks for the game.

Also, it’s the future!