Great job with the quests!


Just want to thank the devs that have done a great job with quests, simply genious! Quite witty and I feel I get to know the troops backstory in an interesting way! :slight_smile: Im done with maybe 5 kingdoms now, and looking forward for the rest 17 kingdoms. Now I understand why some of you want the ability to redo the quest to run it all over again.

Thank you! :relieved:


The best part is the dialogue, especially from the player’s hero… @Sirrian must spend ages writing those…


I think Sirrian should had become a comedian, but on the other side, thank god he made this game.


“I see.”
“Let’s go.”

Sometimes I really miss the (relatively) rich characterization the hero got in Puzzle Quest (1)…


You missed the “Hmm…,” sighs, and groans.


“True.” -Hero


Yes, it’s a shame the hero is monosyllabic


I thought the hero was much better characterised in the two new Kingdoms. Short responses still but showing some semblance of initiative and self-confidence unlike the vapid follower that the hero seems in some of the early Kingdoms. :stuck_out_tongue:


The hero have some interesting dialogues with the npcs in Khaziel, but my advice is that you should finish Adana’s quests first to get some linearity.