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Puzzle Quest Poll

Hello everyone! I recently finished streaming a basic first time run of Puzzle Quest. I will be doing more content on the Puzzle Quest games, but I want to see which option most of you would prefer watching. I will be reading all dialog for all 4 of the following options with time stamps to where each battle takes place.

  • 100% Puzzle Quest 1 as a Let’s Play running around 30-80 videos long.
  • 100% Puzzle Quest 1 as multiple live streams.
  • Puzzle Quest 2 as a Let’s Play spanning multiple runs to get every achievement.
  • Puzzle Quest 2 as multiple live streams and multiple runs to get every achievement. Some gameplay will likely be done off stream on more repetitive parts.

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Add Galactrix! Unless you don’t have “all day”. Haha


Possibly some time in the future. I am sticking with 1 and 2 for now though.

Hi @Tacet, hope you’re well.

I haven’t voted, as I won’t be watching any of it… but I would suggest that PQ1 is infinitely better (both to play and watch) than PQ2… it’s more varied, interesting and story-driven… PQ2 is far more repetitive and grindy, and methinks will make far worse TV…


PQ1 also has a developed, somewhat-interesting storyline, while PQ2 amounts to, “Go there kill that.” Plus the PQ1 main character actually gets more than 12-character responses in dialogue :slight_smile:

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I see.


I just played through some of Puzzle Quest 2. I will have to do A LOT of cuts to make that work. xD

I still think it can work though. I would just have to cut out some irrelevant fights and some movement.

Just in case you thought PQ1 wasn’t long enough, did you know it has an expansion?


Really though, the expansion is worth a look, at least for the new classes.
It’s a shame it never got officially released on PC.

PQ2 was pretty stale IMO. My wife and I easily sat and played through 2 characters on PQ1 together. PQ2 we couldn’t even finish once. Good luck with running through that game, lol.

I gotta admit, though, I really liked the different size boards they introduced with PQ2, along with things like “match blue to put out the fire!” PQ2 was def better in some ways, but as a whole not as good as PQ1.

I’ve passed both PQ 1 and 2 on pc once, and did it again on android with PQ 2 as soon as I saw it in store. Right now I’m thinking of downloading it again and giving it a third go because game is just awesome.

Exactly. I wanted to see if @Tacet could finish reading War and Peace during the loading screens, or if he would be able to finish the game before the book!

I loved Galactrix, but won’t replay it because of the load times. :cry:

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ohh, i forgot about that! since getting the xb1, and watching my husband play hours of Just Cause 3, load times are a bit of “meh” to me anymore. (i love the style of gem matching in that one, much more “stragety” as bugs bunny would say!

@penguinblender Thanks! I will definitely add it.

Out of curiosity, what platform did you play Galactrix on? I got it for my Nintendo 3DS, and had no issues at all with “load times”. Of course, I suppose streaming or making a video out of something you play on such a small screen could be JUST a bit difficult!

I think it was the 3DS, near the end game, you need to keep jumping through the warp gates to spawn enemies. It felt like a long time when you get 1-2 battles per jump.

I just checked out the App Store and have to admit, I was a bit disappointed that PQ1 was not available. Loved that game. Would totally play it again, guess I will have to make do with PQ2.

I can race @DonBoba to see who beats it first… winner takes over the Guild?? :wink:

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There’s no option to transfer leadership :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s okay. You can keep the “Title”. I am perfectly fine being the puppet master! :stuck_out_tongue:


Based on the polling, it looks like I am doing a Let’s Play of Puzzle Quest 1 with the DLC. I will still be doing a Let’s Play of Puzzle Quest 2, but at a later time.

I’ll likely start it this weekend.

Quit guild. Promote efh to leader. Rejoin guild. Problem solved. You’re welcome @efh313 :grin:

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