I completed the Puzzle Quest naked run


It’s over.


Fixed the topic name.


It’s done.


Congrats! I really need to start my 100% run Soon TM.


Thanks @Tacet :slight_smile: I’m so glad to be the first person in the world to have achieved this feat.


Surprised nopony else commented on this :~:


Grats. Can you do the naked secret ending too?

…not that you get to take my title…:thinking:


Elaborate please. What is this ‘naked run’ you speak of?


Wow that must have taken a lot of work, congrats!


Beat the game eith no spells or items, with some leeway depenfent on what you and the guy who made the game agree upon. Just know I took down all 6 bosses this way.


:clap: :clap: :clap:


congratulations :smiley: i never played puzzle quest but sounds like you’ve beat the game !


How long did it take you?


You must rectify this… immediately! :angry:


PQ and PQ2 are great games, well worth your time, FYI.


Way too long XD


i dont have time neither heart to play too many games at a time

for now i have my limit filled up. dont want to kick any of my current games i play, plus it looks too similiar to gems of war


Well done, @PowerPlay.
As the voice-over guy says in game… “THAT was a Heroic Effort!”


PQ1 is an amazing game… PQ2 much less so, in my view… PQ Galactrix is also worth checking out for a very interesting twist on the theme…


I would agree that PQ1 is definitely better than PQ2.
I have never played Galactrix… might have to download… :thinking: