Puzzle Quest 3 Gameplay

Just found 2 videos with the first 10 minutes of Puzzle Quest 3 gameplay:

Berserker hero:

Paladin hero:

Looks like Puzzle Quest 3 core gameplay is much simpler compared to GoW:

  • 5x7 board instead of 8x8.
  • 2 sec for unlimited turns (seriously?)

Diagonal matches. That’s a fun dynamic.

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Not thrilled about the timed turns. That doesn’t mean it’s bad, just not for me. I played Puzzles and Dragons which did something similar (move a gem around the board as much as you can in a specific timeframe), and it isn’t as relaxing as GoW is. PQ3 looks to be similar. Again, not bad, some people like that sort of thing. It does mean you can use skill to do better and rely less on RNG.

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Watching the first video - I had the same sense as the person playing it. Didn’t understand that you can make multiple matches within the 2 sec time limit.

It seems they are trying different things with the match 3 formula so I’m interested in playing!

I’m sorry but that looks so generic. Even the animations from the characters look mid 90’s. Yikes…

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This preview is rather concerning. Not even sure I can possibly name all the things wrong with it, but will try:

  • Visuals are exceedingly generic. If it wasn’t for that one iconic Puzzle Quest guide popping up on screen during the tutorials, I wouldn’t even know this is a Puzzle Quest game.

  • Resources have a cap, rather than being able to be accumulated infinitely.

  • The chest system, that likely involves most of the loot that aren’t one time rewards, seems to be set up as a system where most loot within the game will require waiting, money, or scrapping the loot for barely anything in return.

  • The one time loot rewards are likely not to keep up with the rate at which they are needed.

  • The infinite loot accumulating methods through things like chests are likely pure RNG, meaning needed resources to progress through the game are often going to be chest RNG locked.

  • The equipment upgrading system looks like it will require upgrading useless junk equipment in order to progress, but then also losing progression by having to use limited resources on equipment that is likely to become useless.

  • Can literally just money revive.


Awesome news.

(Not saying Tacet himself is doing this because it’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to catch his stream. Therefore I have no clue either way.)

But perhaps now that people can see what a train wreck PQ3 is most likely destined to be.

Folks can stop helping the devs in their crusade to push players away from the GoW. The devs hurt the game enough as it is. They don’t need cheerleaders using PQ3 as the reason to give up on GoW.

Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:


I highly doubt, before nor after this preview, that anyone would quit Gems of War for Puzzle Quest 3. It would mostly be either people playing both, or people who try PQ3 for some amount of time and then go back to Gems of War. There is almost no situation where a player would quit Gems of War for Puzzle Quest 3, even before this preview was a thing.


The games are quite different, which is something I’ve mentioned a few times. :slight_smile: There likely won’t be much overlap in the playerbase.


The magical moment when we agree. :slightly_smiling_face:

(I always forget the name of it, but it was like the game your company released years ago. Nothing like GoW and it did fine on its own.)

I hope the unlimited turns mechanic doesn’t force you to play the entire game at X1 speed. I forgot how slow gameplay is when you don’t match in X4.


It looks like the timer doesn’t start until you actually make the first match. So you can still sort of plan ahead a bit. The grid is small too so maybe speed isn’t too much of an issue?

As for the game itself, I am definitely not impressed. It looks way too stripped down. I realize this is just a preview but it doesn’t even look half as complex as the first puzzle quest game (which I loved).

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Tiny Quest - it was fun and folks should try it.

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Says mobile game… mobile only or will there be a steam/Winblows port?

I’ll bet you monopoly money there won’t be a Mac port. Lol

I can confirm that in PQ3 the 2 seconds starts once you start matching, so you can relax and plan before making your move.

There is a lot of customising spells and abilities in PQ3, but that isn’t shown in these videos.

For anyone interested I’d say play the game and see how you like it before passing judgement. :slight_smile:


I was worried that PQ3 would be a slightly better GoW-clone and I’d end up making a choice of playing only 1 or the other (ie- PQ3 is the new cool thing and all the $$ I spent in GoW would be down the drain when I swap over). With these videos, I can see myself playing both … and more importantly, as a guild leader, I’m not worried anymore that PQ3 will split the playerbase in half.

The 2s timer seems interesting. It’s different enough from GoW that playing it will have a completely different puzzle feel. Watching the video, I was already trying to optimize which matches to make so they synergize. Collecting items, forging them, etc was always an addictive part of MMO’s I’ve played. So I’m glad to see items there.

3D seems interesting. Will be cool to see the different scenery. In GoW, different locations are just a different background image you barely see. This seems more immersive. Hopefully the storyline that goes with the 3D backgrounds is interesting/fun/

Things I don’t like:

  1. The social tab. All the guild events of GoW are already time consuming enough. I hope this isn’t some sort of guild type thing where it will have events too. If that’s the case, playing both games will be a pain.

  2. The treasure chests combined with the fact that this will be using the f2p business model has me raising an eyebrow … though I’d only play PQ3 casually, so I suppose it wouldn’t really matter to me that much.

  3. Some random youtube channel with 1k subs getting 1st dibs on previewing the game instead of a GoW-community youtuber.

Either way, I’m curious to see more of the game. I wonder if going from 1x speed to 4x speed will reduce the amount of time we have from 2s to something lower.

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Since the game isn’t out, I’m going to assume the devs are looking at this thread for feedback. Obviously, they won’t do everything, this is a biased community, blahblahblah, but anyway:

I admit I tend to be a graphic snob with games I play. When I was looking for a game to replace my last gem match game, I skipped over GoW several times because the graphics shown in Google Play Store were lackluster. Finally I tried it out after not liking other games, and am obviously hooked. Oddly, the I love a lot of the graphics in this game. But the marketing at the time did not show the good stuff in the app store.

This video is… not good. If I knew nothing about this game and just saw the graphics, I’d pass. I wouldn’t even wait to see the gameplay, it’s just an immediate pass. In fact, I did at first pass, but then came back to watch out of curiosity since I’m part of the GoW community.

Curious if this video was intentionally released or leaked. If it’s leaked, it may have been from devs doing a test run with purposely low graphic settings so their computers don’t sound like jet engines. If this is the best it can do… :woman_shrugging:

Not everyone is a graphic snob though, and I have no idea if it’s worth a game to spend more money on graphics. Will that get more players? Dunno.

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No idea, somebody said it’s in Early Access in some regions :man_shrugging:

Just says ‘Not found’ for me

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Phew, this is awesome! I was trying to figure that out in the video and couldn’t. So, it’s similar to Puzzles and Dragons then. You have all the time in the world to plan, but then once you start moving there’s a timer.

It’s a bit more stress than GoW, but not terrible. If the whole battle was timed ahhhh! But the pause to plan, then timed, then pause, can work well. It allows for more skill in gameplay rather than just RNG which is a good thing.

I can’t speak for everyone, but for me, I just like to vomit words. I’m not saying this is a good or bad game. I’m just talking about what I see so far. So, for me, it’s less about judgement and more, “hey, this is my first impression from a sneak peak, but have no idea how the actual game will go, blahblahblah.”