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Repeat entire quest line

i love doing the quest line. It would be really be cool to be able to repeat them for different rewards. we know there are A LOT of battles in each quest. it would be awesome if we could get a reward.

1st time through - get the epic for the story line (like now)
2nd time through - get a weapon based on the colors of the kingdoms (way to get event weapons back into circulation)
3rd time through - get an arcane tied to the quest (a combo of stone might be cool)
4th time through - get an epic for the story-line
5th time through - arcane

can repeat 4th and 5th until you have enough to mythic the troop (so like 15 times?) and then go to straight arcane. or not and just have it alternate (so it would be for souls)

Something along those lines. The weapon idea came from war and peace - it was an event weapon and got incorporated in a quest line


Do we have a chaos based kingdom? (purple/yellow)

divinion fields.

Oh, yes please repeat the the quests we need more sun and moons!

I like the idea, but from a storyline perspective it would be weird repeating the same events 5 times. I also highly doubt they would write 4 more storylines per kingdom to fix the coherency issue to that.

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Maybe keep it simple with explore mode rewards.

Why not alter certain parts of the story based on troops you have collected, that only unlock when you complete it for the first time, this can add depth to the story, and make people go “was this always the story or am i imagining it?”

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We have actually been discussing the idea to let players replay the kingdom quests.

So while I can’t make any promises that it will happen, it is something we have discussed ourselves as well.


I see.
Lead on!


I think what @killerman3333 is trying to say is to have certain important new creatures/characters to unlock new, hidden story elements in the previously completed Storylines.

Such as returning to Zhul’kari after acquiring Marid.
Or going back to Darkstone for a reunion with Dimetraxia after acquiring Venbarak.

On the other hand, while redo-ing storylines would be kinda cool, I would need more incentive == Like increased difficulty, new story plot, and/or better rewards and such.


WHEE! ! ! ! ! ! !

I like the idea of being able to repeat the quests for those that like that. But I don’t think event weapons should be tied to going through the quest line another time.

I agree with the other rewards, but think that weapons should only be given on the first run through the quest to be fair to the players that don’t like to repeat the quest

Do you not re-read novels? Re-watch favourite movies/series? I, for one, would love to revisit those storylines I enjoyed so long ago :slightly_smiling_face:

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http://ashtender.com/gems/kingdoms has all the quest chains :slight_smile: It’s not quite the same as playing them again, but you can at least refresh your memory of the Oscar-worthy dialogue. :wink:


I like this idea, but I would change the reward to player’s choice of an arcane stone related to that city or another copy of the storyline troop (or maybe 5 gem chests with only possible rewards are from that city?)

You hit the nail on the head with this one.

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I’d just like to replay them now that I know all the characters better. I can’t remember most of the stories and would like to see them again, extra rewards or not.

Yes I reread my favorite novels and rewatch my favorite series. But that’s hardly the same thing as going through the quest over and over again to get rewards. Not everyone is into that. And to tie such an exclusive reward into something that is only enjoyable for a specific group seems unfair.

I don’t play this game for the story. It was rough enough for me to get through the quests the first time. The story isn’t as engaging to me as, say an RPG game. I play card games to play card games not to get into the story. But I totally think it’s great that people like the story here and want to experience it again. I am not one of those people :stuck_out_tongue: I was happy for the quests to be over so I could get into more rewarding play modes. Especially now that we have explore.

I like the idea of making it rewarding for those that like it, but I think that all the event weapons should instead be added to quest lines that don’t have a weapon yet. Maybe down the line add it to a second playthrough when enough weapons are added through events but I don’t think it should be right away.

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That would be so cool. You could make secret pathways like “If you use Troop A in Battle B, then something completely different happens.” And with “Completely Different” I mean a 2 or 3 quest pathway that is more or less like a side quest. After completing said side quest you would continue with the main story. That would give some extra incentive to replay stories.

I would limit those key units to Epics and above. Makes it easier to figure things out.

On the other hand… that’s a lot of work.

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Yes, there are some members of my own guild that find the quests a chore. It’s a personal thing, like everything in life. I, personally, don’t find the explore mode very interesting.

I believe that replaying the quests should be a choice, not a requirement. Available for those that enjoyed that part of the GOW journey and have a desire to, once again, groan and giggle at the more fleshed out versions of characters that we see every day :wink: