The Mythic Questline

It’s almost a year since I started Gems of war, but only a few months ago until I discovered the fun of official website, which is weekly troops’ stories. I feel like I missed many good things for so long, I don’t want any players to feel like that.

So it would be nice to somehow include those stories in the game’s questline itself! But adding it weekly might be too much and make a questline for any new players way too long, so this is my suggestion…

For anytime a new mythic is release, add a new questline in its own kingdoms, with its own Epic sidekick. The quest don’t have to be long, only 4-6 battles short, like the class unlocking one, preferably with all the new weekly added of its own since that kingdom was first released. On the last battle, we got to fight that mythic itself as the boss!

It should be unlocked only with all the questline completed, include the class one. Maybe include the all the 35 challanges as well, but that might be too much for new player who only got that kingdom unlocked the same week a Mythic is introduced.

For all the old Mythic that already released, maybe add it in the middle between new Mythic, so every 2 weeks. But it have to be more than 1 per add, until it covered all the Mythic in the game. I still don’t have any idea on how players could access the 5 Apocalypse one. Give it to Blight land?

Adding this would add more depth to the game’s lore, beside reading on the official site. And they will be quite memorable story-wise, like the Legandary Boss. I know the dev are pretty busy at the moment, but there is no urgency with this one.

What do you guys think? Please leave any suggestions!

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Nice idea. But not going to happen, as (1) devs can only invest in content that can attract iap spending and (2) writing quests is really costly for them because of all the translations. Sorry.