Restarting Kingdoms

What if you could restart your kingdoms but the levels of the stories get higer and higher getting more complicated. This is for those who have already completed their 35 kingdoms and basically only have guild events and world events plus pvp and delves to do. This way would give us more training for our different team builds.

If anyone has more ideas please list them below.

I’ve sent a tangential request through a ticket months ago, but it remains unanswered ( 116050 , in case you get a chance to at least confirm whether it’s possible/not possible, @Jeto ): I mistakenly brought my hoard past 100 at Emperinazar (all others are at 100), and would be willing to have that Faction and its renown fully reset and reinvest the materials needed to bring the hoard back up just to fix that 103 eyesore.

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Isn’t that kind of what the “Legends Reborn” events are for? (Switch has yet to receive any, probably since we just received Nexus last month.)

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Pretty much Legends Reborn?

Its actually just sitting in our games page of the switch sadly yes we haven’t received it yet. We also haven’t received the new dungeons update either.

Thanks @Jeto for the response and explanation: will live with the reminder of my noobish 103 hoard mistake
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