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Suggestion: Change Guild Seals

I originally posted this on the Steam forums. Someone there suggested I post here instead. So, here it is:

The Guild Seals process needs to be revamped:

  • First, and I know this will never happen, either the weekly limit for each person needs to raised significantly or it needs to be removed altogether. I do the activities that generate seals, yet because I’ve maxed out my seals, my guild gets no benefit.

  • Second, seals should be “collected” automatically. We shouldn’t need to go to Guild > Seals and Collect All. Again, we’ve earned them. Just give them to us.

  • And third, the fact that the Guild gets no benefit from seals unless the person collects them needs to be emblazoned across that Seals page. Yes, there’s a bit of an explanation behind the blue question mark on the page. But, people tend to not look there (including me). When you do click on the question mark, there’s a bit of an explanation that gets added to the bottom of the page. That text should be changed to be much more declarative. It should say something like:

“You’ve earned your seals. Collect them. Otherwise neither you nor your Guild will benefit from them. When you collect them, the whole Guild moves towards the next tier of Guild Chests and you can collect much better loot in those.”

And, that text should ALWAYS be there. Every person I’ve talked to (including myself) initially thinks that collecting seals TAKES THEM AWAY FROM THE GUILD. So, they leave them. They don’t realize that NOT collecting them takes them away from the Guild until someone tells them so.


Just allowing the seals to immediately be collected upon being earned would be a huge improvement.


To the first point, max seals were raised not that long ago. So it actually can happen. I don’t think it should. One of my favorite things about this game is the hard cap on seals. It makes it so a guild has to actually be a guild a instead of a few people playing 24/7 with a bunch on unengaged players. It also forces guilds to actually be managed to function. Yes it sucks to have all of those seals floating around in space. I hear that! I would say I’d be all for at least being able to accumulate your personal guild seals, for the purposes of guild chest opening, and your running count.

Basically the hard cap let’s the high achievers do their thing without people becoming dependent (and putting pressure) on those high achiever folks. That prevents burnout. So I like it,

To the second point… omg YES! The collecting seals thing is really annoying, especially trying to explain it to new players. I would lead the parade to change that!