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Seals need to be dropped automatically

Hi. Iv noticed unless you go into the guild/ seal tab you cant pick up the seals for fights won. please can this be changed.


I moved you over to “Feature Requests.” I agree with you that seals should collect automatically, but more because uncollected seals don’t contribute to the guild’s total earned until you collect them.

Many people may not know this, and so some guilds may not advance their chests.


I’m really not sure why they went with the manual claiming system. It’s nice to have a tally of what you’ve done that week, but requiring the user to manually claim them just causes confusion over whether there’s some benefit to leaving them unclaimed.


It would be sufficient if seals need not be claimed to count for the guild chest level, right?


Sirrian said it is a lot easier for servers if they are not claimed automatically.
But I agree it should be changed a bit. If not claiming automatically (which should be the way it works), then at least register it to the total guild seals automatically.

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If it is to taxing on the servers to claim guild seals per battle why not automatically claim them at the first daily login? They could even include a little Infographic. They could still leave the manual method for those interested.


Sounds like a nice idea too!