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Should be able to earn non-claimable seals after cap

I hit the Seal cap for my guild, and now I’m pretty unmotivated to play! All I can earn now is gold, for the most part.

I would suggest that you allow players to continue to earn seals after the guild cap of 1,500 is reached, and simply not be allowed to claim them for the guild. But, allow the player to spend them on guild chests!

That would allow players like me the opportunity to continue to play and earn guild chests, even after I’ve hit my persona cap on donations.


I agree with the idea. Especially if the player uses some of the 1500 to buy guild chests with those seals. At least be able to replenish what we spend back up to the 1500 limit to spend them again etc.

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This is the first week I was able to hit cap and after I realized that I couldn’t claim anymore and I just wasn’t getting anymore I lost motivation to play until after reset. How the higher guilds keep going after all members capped idk. Unless you pay real money then your left feeling useless after the cap.

I suggest not to raise the cap but automatically add extra seals to your personal total.

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They are trying to control how fast the general population can get guardians to mythic quality.

Allowing this would make a huge advantage to people who can play a lot more and makes it harder to judge the time frame.

There needs to be a limit. And their limit makes it so the entire community (as long as you are earning max seals) should have it after about 6 months (if I remember correctly - I could be wrong). About half that if you were to pay for every guild store package every single week.

I think the reason they put that limit is to be fair to everyone (well on top of the obvious reason which is that they want people to pay real money in the guild store).

I can understand why people would want more seals, but devs have to think about their money and the economy and all types of players. The guardians are supposed to be a long term goal, so there has to be a limit.

Now, it would be nice if they had another cap for personal, maybe giving 500 extra seals able to be earned. But again that would mess up their timeline and economy. So we’ll see where they go with it but it’s a lot more complicated than just buffing up the cap.


While I can understand the monetary aspect, having no motivation to play could ultimately lead to that same decreased monetary value if people leave for another game. I think the cap for seals should be raised, and if someone who plays more gets guardians to mythic before me so be it. People should have some reason to play more and that’s been removed from the game. While I understand the developers thoughts on limits, they didn’t supplement that loss of gain for players. I am a high end player and while I got a boat load of resources before the update, they were next to useless. However I could still save those resources for the next kingdom, mythic, etc. so they at least served a purpose. Overall I like the changes, except that after caps are met playing is pointless. It really seems kind of backwards to implement changes that make players want to play less…

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I really don’t understand how a cap on a new way to gain resources could get you to stop playing for the second part of the week.
Before the seals you would also just continue either PvP for gold or explores for traitstones or souls, right? Or are you that far ahead that you don’t need traitstones nor souls and your guild maxes the tasks in the first few days already? Then you’re the 0.1% that unfortunately has to be hit to improve the game for all the silent masses…

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I admit there was a huge gap between the 0.1% as you say and the smaller guilds and I don’t complain about the drastic drop of our resources.
But most of my guildmates don’t need souls anymore and gold has become quite useless except for buying gold keys.
Less than 2 weeks after the update I already see some of our members losing their motivation and getting tired of the game and I am worried about it.

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Fair enough, but is there any option that wouldn’t be economy breaking to keep those members motivated?
Do they want more seals because it is a resource or just for bragging rights (a la trophies)?

Having so many resources was nice and some miss it, it is true. But I think it is rather a lack of purpose. In 2 1/2 hours we have complete 3 colours of tasks, nearly 4. What is the use of gaining gold the rest of the week if there is nothing we can do with it? And what is the use of PVPing and facing the same opponents again and again once there are no more seals to gain?

A wider range of opponents would be nice. For the moment there are some opponents that we are facing several times a day and many others against who we never get the chance to fight.

As regards the rewards, I can only speak for myself but I would be happy to use gold, seals or whatever currency to buy those cosmetic features @Sirrian showed us. They are useless and wouldn’t increase the gap between the top guilds and the other guilds. But they would be something to play for that not everyone would have.
It is just an example. I don’t know if many players would be interested and maybe the devs have something completely different in mind for those cosmetic features, but we do need something to play for, be it those mythic tasks @Sirrian also mentioned or something else.

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Yes I am one of those high end players that doesn’t need souls as much as low-mid tier. While I do still need trait stones it’s sort of monotonous. As far as trophies I have to meet the requirements of my guild and I do, but the sheer amount of time I’d need to play to get any of the pvp tier rewards are way beyond my desire to play. Mainly I could pvp and help my guild with the gold I earned (and paid for to have more access to in the form of VIP access and DK armor) is now useless after 550k. As that .1% it feels a little like a slap in the face. This game always had the option of getting things through more play time and the other boosts were to expedite this, those bonuses we paid for are nerfed and now useless unless I want gold keys…which I don’t need except for traitstones. Maybe this will change with Guild Wars or mythic tasks (which would be great), but we will see.