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Break the seals!

So i was thinking, which tends to happen, that the seal cap is kind of a bother. So my idea to improve it, though i doubt it needs it is to remove the personal seal cap on player but keep the cap on seals for guilds. This probably makes no sence to anyone so i will try to clarify. Once we get 1500 seals in the week we can no longer gain seals for ourselves or our guild. My request is to remove the cap on seals on players but not guids. You will be able to earn 1500 seals for your guild to boost the guild chest but you will be able to gain more than 1500 seals a week without spending any money. An alternative to removing the cap is to just simply raise the personal cap on players but not on guilds. Leave your comments down below, is this a good idea, or is it another idea worth scrapping? Also you have permission to use memes as long as they are used constructively or are on topic.


doubt they would do that they are making boatloads on seal purchases me thinks :sunglasses:


I think the Devs want to minimize the amount of Guardian farming players can do so I doubt they’ll be increasing seal caps anytime soon (if I’m correct in my assumptions).


I also was thinking is something similar. I explain:

I believe than many guilds have problems to finish the 40k seals. The reason; some of his members don´t play so much at the moment, so they get nearly 30k, 35k… I and many more Master Guilds think don´t want to kick people for reasons like that. So I think a possible solution, only with hard work of the other members.

Sunday of Seals:

I mean that on Sunday´s all members can get seals till 3000. This can help a lot small guilds and make easier some requirements for all guilds. Just said that with 15 very active people in one active Sunday can finish his 40k. It could be a good option to look at. This will make Sundays the most active day of the week.

But of course good idea there @killerman3333 .

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What he said :slight_smile:


Knowing the devs make a lot of money in seal (they went to a convention after all but could not afford a booth i think) if a ton of people hit the seal cap, they should surely raise it however i have not hit the cap but some of my other guild mates have, as well as a few in the g-chat

I can’t speak to other guilds but in ours it’s a rare week that at least one member doesn’t buy the $20 seal pack. Sometimes 3 or more members do. If that’s typical of the higher level guilds then I’d say it’s a decent money maker but I have no idea how that compares to their other freemium items. :slight_smile:

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Yep we got at least one 20$ purchase every week too.

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It wasn’t a matter of “not affording”… things here have been growing so rapidly, we didn’t have the time to organize a booth this year… It’s certainly expensive to run a booth at PAX (about $50,000 last year), but the bigger problem for us is that it ties up one staff member for about 2-3 months to organize the show, and usually 2-3 others in the weeks leading up to the event.


Hole smoke that’s pricy :open_mouth:
But last year booth was so epic as far as I remember :smiley:

Does it cost money to have a panel at a convention?

That’s a tricky question to answer…
Short answer is no.
Longer answer is that it’s often a whole lot easier to do a panel/talk/presentation at a show if you are paying for a booth there (but a disclaimer for PAX, I’ve never done a talk at PAX, so I don’t know if this holds true for that particular event).

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I’ve mentioned this solution before, as have others: Regulate the individual cap according to the number of existing members. Current guild member cap is 30. They did not have to lower the seal cap from 45k to 40k. All they had to do was divide the 45k by the total number of existing members and voila, there’s your cap. For a guild of 30, each member is capped at 1500. For a guild of 10, each member is capped at 4500. And any guild that falls short in reaching the desire goal for the week, must pay up. They should not cap that either. Let them spend as much as they want. No one’s damn business how much they shell out. Just let them. It is their choice after all.

Meantime, chances are, at some point, the Devs will increase the current guild member cap to 45, or just plain double it at 60. We have to anticipate that. Its safe to also presume, they’ll increase the seals cap as well. Could be as high as 60k. Depends what their data tells them is best.

At which point, its really up to guild leaders to selectively recruit new members, or open the floodgates so they can max it out again. Either way, having that kind of regulation in effect will keep things in check.

I think there was 40k

This is not the problem i was trying to solve. Mine was for guilds at 30 where tyhe individual has max contributions before wednesday, not that it was likely anyway.

On the surface, I think that seems like a pretty good solution. However, I suspect it will take a bout 24 hours before some guilds figure out how to optimally game the system by having their members leave and rejoin repeatedly during the week.

And the problem we have with that kind of exploit - one that allows a guild to maximize something - is it becomes a compulsory form of play, and just introduces frustration into the system.


Ya, i can understand your sentiment, is there a way to remove such an exploit? I know you closed the exploit for guild tasks, can the same be done to guild seals?

ofc just make a timer,once left guild cant join another or the same one for X amount of days etc :sunglasses:

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Even so, players would find some contrived workaround…

Yeah, truth is that tens of thousands of players working to optimize/break something are WAY smarter than any dev team, and I’ve found that the more rules you create, the more holes you’re creating for people to exploit…
Turns out the best systems are usually the simplest and most minimal.