Seal Savings Account

Those of you that know me, know that I am a mid-core player. I play every day but understand that life still comes first. I am usually scraping my final 100 seals Sunday night before reset. I give you this so you know I am not thinking of this as an exploit or even something I could take advantage of myself BUT…

What if there was an option for you to earn additional seals beyond 1500 to be saved for when you need them? I would recommend limiting it severely so as to keep it from being an exploit but say 500 seals max.

This would allow an average player who has a good week to have a little savings account if needed. And a hardcore player could give himself a jumpstart on his 1500 on Monday. Of course the hardcore player who blows it all on Monday at reset will still have to earn 1500 that week, 1000 to complete that weeks seals and 500 for savings?

Thoughts? :wink:


I think you should be able to bank a full extra week’s Seals like so:

  1. Max uncontributed seals earnable at one time: 3,000.

  2. Max a player can contribute to a Guild per week: 1,500 (same as current)

  3. Only seals turned into a guild can be spent (once turned in, you don’t lose the ability to spend them if you leave or switch guilds).

  4. Seals purchased with real money work outside this system just like they do now (i.e. No change)

This way if you need to take a week off, you can still contribute your seals so as not to hurt your guild but you, the player, receive no advantage over the current system since the most you can bank/validate for using are the same1,500 a week you can now.


how about keep “Extra Seals” as a separate resource (capped at 1500)

  • when used - they go to both your personal seal count and guild progress
  • cannot be used above your personal weekly 1500 seals gain
  • after you collected all 1500 weekly personal seals, the seal earning count still continues and the seals are “claimable” however when you claim them they go to the “Extra Seals” resource instead of normal personal and guild chest seals, the counter stops and seals being unclaimable after extra seals reach 1500

Thanks for the suggestions @ogunther and @Annaerith!

I think 1500 would be ok, consider its like your one week vacation fund. I would definitely not go over that number. I just didn’t want to seem too greedy in the OP! :wink:


This would help with being stuck at 39000 late into the week because a few members couldnt play until later


Assuming those players had seals in their savings account from previous weeks of play then ABSOLUTELY!!

That’s my main thinking behind this! :wink:


I like this idea, and don’t see many real downsides to it. Great suggestion!


ve been wanting this to happen since they came out!


oh yeah, this is a good idea. Our guild has had the occasional week where 3 or more players were having real life emergencies. They were understandably unable to play as much if at all for the week and that really hurt the guild. Not their fault, life happens but this would stop it from doing any damage to their guild mates