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Collect Seals Automatically

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No, seriously, come ON! It’s way past time! There’s literally no purpose served by having us do this manually. At the very least we should be getting some sort of notification at certain milestones like we get on daily quests or weekly greenstone events.


I mean this, if that wasn’t clear. Just kill it. With fire.


I don’t like the part of me that wants to say “no” to this, it’s reflexive and I don’t understand it. I don’t even have an argument.

My first thought I guess was “nah you should kick inactive players that don’t collect seals instead of getting benefits from them”. But then I realized inactive players won’t do things that award seals. I mean sure, there’s the daily login seals, but I’m pretty sure you’re not complaining about missing 19 seals/day from some guild member.

So yeah, I’m not sure what purpose making you collect seals serves. It seems like a tradition we could do without.


I think this would be a nice quality of life feature. I wonder how many folks probably have 1500 seals, but don’t claim them until mid week?

I’ve seen this in Guild Rosters, someone has apparently collected zero Seals by Saturday evening, even though they’ve played all week and you’re wondering if the Guild is going to get to 40k or maybe you should chip in a few Orbs…

Finally, at the last minute, they collect them, but if you’re not online before the reset, you miss out on the top level chests :frowning:

It might have been nice when the game was new, but IMO it’s unnecessary given the state of play we have now which includes in-game mail messages saying “We’ve noticed you didn’t collect your rewards, here they are…”


The only reason it doesn’t happen to me is I like to check my trophy totals and other numbers in the roster multiple times daily because… well I don’t know why, it just makes me happy.


Yeah, this would solve a few problems for me as the creator of a new guild. It’s painful when you see a new player that’s been playing lots of PvP, etc. but just hasn’t discovered the guild menu, or guild chat (so that we can tell them to collect seals). Granted, there are other potential solutions for these things, but I don’t think that detracts from this idea.

As a suggestion on how to implement the new screen featuring your seal count - include a third column showing the total for each seal generating method, and a sum of all these at the bottom (extra row). I’m not sure what to show once you’ve hit 1500, though :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I get the feeling that showing you would have earned 4380 seals this week if it weren’t for the cap would lead to complaints/calls to remove the cap, so you’d have to be prepared to deal with that.

I second this, or third it or whatever. I support this idea.
so easy to forget them to claim.

+1 to this. Again.

+1. At least collect them automatically every 12 hours or so if the player doesn’t collect them. Or if clicking that button is something of a game design decision, let it be but count the uncollected seals towards guild total.

It’s not fair to punish the whole guild for the actions of one person that forgets to submit them.

Who have to ask the DEVs for them to eventually listen?
Is this some kind of a manager’s idea everyone’s afraid to change?

Maybe every time you collect tribute, it can also give you any uncollected seals.


Couldn’t agree more, don’t know why it’s a feature, the amount of time wasted asking guild members to collect their seals.

This whole request is a super minor QoL thing that has been overlooked.

Every hour might overload the server hamsters… They could auto pull any uncollected player Seals at the “Daily Login” though, It can’t be that hard to add that.

I’m 99% sure I recommend at Daily Login over a year ago. devaju posting.

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It was 2 years ago.


It is best to keep earned seals separate from the mail system though. That way you can wait to open the seals mails until after you’ve reached 1500 seals, and then the mailed seals (e.g. from GW) count above the 1500.

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If retroactive collection is too much a task to program, I’d settle for adding a button to the overworld map screen to one-click collect your guild seals. It could even flash, or have an exclamation point hovering on it when seals need to be collected like your mail or daily task tabs. Not only would this be the simplest fix, but it would also keep it separate from the rest of your mail.


Thanks for the suggestion!

Okay… so this is apparently still a thing that has not been acted on. Sheesh. Goes on the list!


New players especially struggle with this, but the devs continue to implement or refuse to implement features that could potentially confuse this demographic.

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