Weekly seals no showing correctly

Rather new to the game and my first post here so please have some understanding if I am a complete fool. With a quick use of a search button, I couldn’t find a post under this topic.

I am not sure, but I think I encountered a bug with weekly seal I get from completing guild tasks. It shows I have 91/1500 weekly seals. This screenshot was taken sunday, so during this week I accumulated guilds weekly seals for 91 seals. Hooray! go me! But wait… Isn’t that quite bad? if my math serves me right I should have waaaay more weekly seals. I have had this issue for weeks now not realising it could be a bug. Or then again I might be just stupido. as I told you, I am new to this. Anyways here is the picture:

(and as you can see this guild is rather inactive so me not accumulating its weekly seals makes it even worse)

Just try to click “claim all” :grin:


I told you I was new to this =). I though that button would use my seals to get the guild chests. Thanks. Case closed.


Also find a more active guild. This guild is pretty much dead. Any semi decent guild should be able to hit at least 20k seals