Guild seals

All these months I have been playing, and I just discovered this about the Guild Seals. It’s the seals that go into the weekly chests for winning battles, treasure hunt, etc. I just noticed that when I click on Claim that is it. The claim button does not highlight anymore. I do not understand this? So I have been holding off claiming until just before the end of the week to collect. I was under the impression that after you claim the seals, you just keep accumulating seals from the tasks, and just keep claiming, but I guess not. If someone could please explain this to me I would appreciate it. Thanks.

I think you can only earn 2000 seals per week from tasks.

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I do not think that is it because I am not even coming close to 2,000 seals a week. When I claim prior to the week ending I am well short of 2,000, and I do receive 19 seals per day when I sign in, and what I may get from the guild for tasks completed, but as I said well short of 2,000. I do appreciate your take on this.


You can claim up to 2000 seals per week from battles. You can claim them anytime. Once or several times a day or once a week it doesn’t matter. The only way you can go over 2000 is by cashing in clan orbs (purple)

You can even choose to not claim them at all. At weekly reset, you’ll automatically get them mailed :slight_smile:

Why? Well, if you’re interested in the numbers on the seals tab, it allows them to keep counting. Or if you’re just too lazy to tap the “Claim all” button :stuck_out_tongue:.

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you cant get 2000 seals in a week?!? … i can get that in a few hours. 2K is the weekly cap you can hit claim all as many or as few times as you like upto the 2K cap

Right after you claim, there’s nothing left to claim, so button goes gray. At that point, if you go play a batter and come back, claim button should be green again if you haven’t claimed your max seals yet. That’s shown on “Your Weekly Seals” on the page, should be something like xxxx/2,000 - if that says 2,000/2,000 then you’ve claimed all the seals you can for the week. The “2,000” goes up if you use an orb of clans, the seals you receive from there increase your cap.

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