[XB1] Guild Seals Counted for wrong week

I noticed today when I logged in for the first time that I had been refunded 15 guild seals in the mail. I was fairly certain that I had claimed them all. When I went to the guild menu claim the login seals, I had no seals to claim. So it appears that they were refunded. I suspect that the login subroutine runs before the guild routine one does so that what happened is I was credited with 15 seals and then the end of week guild subroutine ran and saw I had 15 seals unclaimed and refunded them to me. Minor bug, but still annoying.

Yeah that happened to us as well. Was working as intended previously.

Thanks for the head’s up. Is that why it’s happening?

The exact same issue with missing Daily Login seals is occurring on the PC/Mobile side.

We don’t actually consider this to be a “minor bug” issue though, because the Daily 15 seal credit it NOT being added to the Guild Chest tally. The green checkmark for the day is completely missing upon login. With 30x15 members failing to receive the credit, that would be 450 guild seals that the guild isn’t getting. OUCH! :worried:

I had this happen again this week on day one- except this time I didn’t get any login seals at all for day one.

Same here. No one in my guild got any Daily Login Bonus seals in the Mail on Monday, either. :weary: