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Such awesome rewards in Vaults

On X1, got portal 4 opened, all pumped to use my key…
Into the vault we go
killed 2 gnomes out of 3, and cedric, one gnome escaped.
Here come my awesome rewards … WHOA hold up there, here are you worst rewards ever.
2500 gold… this is only 27.5K LESS than the gnome I found 4 days ago and 1/110th of the gold I’ve earned in PvP going for those free gems.
100 souls…,… Dont even get me started.
and 2 diamonds… yeah TWO WHOLE DIAMONDS… WHAT exactly am I going to do with my bounty of diamonds, I don’t think I could ever spend them… LITERALLY, since NOTHING costs TWO diamonds, and the odds of needing TWO is ridiculous.
Rank 212 or something, and I NEED Those souls badly, but 100… what a joke.
All I can say in summary is this is one player who will NEVER be spending cash on this game if this is how its going to continue.


Please keep the language clean. My daughter likes to read over my shoulder.


Your daughter is in for a huge surprise when she gets into the real world then huh…


I feel your anger against sassy is a little uncalled for as it was a polite request with a valid reason as some parents prefer to keep their young children away from harsh language. It also is against community guidelines and most either use a thesaurus or get creative about it.

As for the topic, I agree as outside of one of the gnome troops or the valraven, the rewards are currently, pretty bad. It basically is a glorified gnome rush so assuming all 4 were beaten, only one reward will matter. Perhaps during an actual vault event the rewards will improve but we shall see.


Cleaned up the language. Dissatisfaction is allowed, disrespect is not.


2500 gold, 100 souls and 2 diamonds? Sparklesack must have been one of those drops though I’m not sure which one. They all seem too low for his drops.

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Devs must get off on our dissatisfaction.

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I wonder if the person who said my daughter is in for a huge surprise and the five people who liked it just let their 6 year old children be exposed to anything. :thinking:


Thats 2500 gold, 100 souls, and 2 diamonds you would not have gotten if not for the update. And it cost you absolutely nothing. Unlike most of the other changes they have made that are giant gem sinks. I am not sure why getting free stuff angers you…


It wasted my time.

Then perhaps there is a better game out there to consume your valuable time? :man_shrugging:

For the record, I agree the rewards are underwhelming, but free is free. I am waiting for the Gnome EVENT before passing total judgement on them, but I think the rewards could be buffed without an economy ending collapse being the result. :wink:


this is the best match 3/4/5 game though, because it has the depth I want in combining cards.
You could have ALL the best cards and not have an awesome team, simply because YOU don’t know how to use them. That’s what I like. figuring out what works.
I typically split my time between FPS(gears with a friend), racing(solo), and this for when I just want to relax AND talk with my wife or putter around the house doing things, since you don’t need to sit down and actively play the whole time you’re ‘playing’

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What gives with this new breed of gamers and their stench of entitlement? You opened a vault key and didn’t get the best rewards available? 2 choices: 1, shrug and go again. 2, stamp your feet and whine about how life isn’t fair for you.

Older gamers automatically go for option 1. We’re used to trying hard to earn rewards. Newer gamers instantly call BS because they want everything straight away.

@Sassy, unfortunately while I 100% agree with your polite request, the internet is jam-packed full of people who have grown up in a world of consequence-free disrespect. Give the world a voice, and look what happens.


I think the backlash here is that the rewards were once good and worth the time. It was exciting to get a Gnome or a Vault key. Now they’re pretty worthless in most cases.


I don’t think anybody is stamping their feet and whining, just voicing an opinion that seems to be widely agreed by the general gems community. Developers have introduced new game modes (Gnome Vault / Raids etc) which they obviously want us to play, but rewards are significantly worse than the existing game modes / pvp etc. This is being voiced by many gems veterans who have put 1000’s of hours and money into this game, who feel that the rewards of the new games modes are not comparative to what other game modes give.


There are ways to raise an opinion/issue/concern. If your meal at a restaurant was unsatisfactory, would you raise it in the same obnoxious tone as the OP?
“My steak is well done! I asked for RARE. Why would I want to waste my time chewing on a well done steak? And the peas. . . ! Don’t get me started on those. The restaurant I usually eat at gives me twice as many peas! And the complimentary dips? I don’t want those dips. They’re of no use to me whatsoever! This place is terrible value for money and I will never be eating here again unless you change your ways and give me what I want!”

I sure hope not.

And correct me if i’m wrong but don’t we play this game because we enjoy it? So why are people complaining that they’re having to play the game to get resources?

Just ignore the fact there are Gnomes and do what you would normally do. If a Gnome pops up, you get bonus resources that you wouldn’t otherwise have gotten.

I’m not necessarily saying people are wrong for wanting more, just saying I don’t get it. Not one bit.

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While your restaurant analogy is a bit exaggerated, its perfectly OK to comment and/or send food back if it wasn’t made how you ordered it. There’s no reason to be held hostage due to their mistakes. The good restaurants will honor any necessary fixes, provided the customer isn’t being a royal pain in the butt (why? because they want you to come back). If they cooked it Well Done and you asked for a Rare, that’s their error.

The worst is when a customer leaves dissatisfied without leaving any sort of feedback. The restaurant won’t know why people aren’t coming back, but their profit margins go down from lack of a consumer base. Everything goes downhill from there, as they have to cut back on ingredients or other things, which in turn may provide a worse service to future customers.

And people play games to enjoy it, but there’s no way to control someone’s enjoyment of a game; people enjoy things differently.

What common knowledge will provide is people don’t like their time being wasted or feeling ripped off.

A gnome providing 2 minor traitstones or 100 souls applies both of those philosophies.

In a free to play game where people are being encouraged to spend more as each patch gets released, having the players feel like they’re wasting their time is as bad as it gets.


My restaurant analogy was there to show that there are right and wrong ways of offering feedback. I’m sure in a restaurant people would be much more polite than in the OP’s post, so why should it be any different here?

I think also a lot of the gripes are coming from mid-late game players. Of course it might not be economical to farm Gnomes for a handful of gems/traitstones at, say, level 1000. But if you’re level 50, those gems/traitstones might be useful.

The devs can’t gear all new content towards end game players. They’ve already got the Raid leaderboard bonus rewards (yes, I understand they aren’t very rewarding), let the little guy have something! :wink:

And sorry, I don’t know how to quote segments just yet, but you say people don’t want to feel like they’re wasting their time. . . What would they be doing if there were no Gnomes introduced? PvPing? Traitstone farming? What do they do now that Gnomes have been introduced? Exactly the same thing. Yet now they feel compelled to complain about it.

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The little guy would also get more if the rewards were better, only the little guy doesn’t have the quickness to clear matches like the end game players do. So, the rewards are even worse for them, since they get less everything for the time they spend.

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