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Is this the worst Vault haul ever?

I killed all four gnomes and all I got was 2,700 souls…


Feel free and upload a worse haul and make me feel better… :persevere:


My condolences.


Worst I’ve seen. Could have been minor traitstones though!

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I believe the worst I’ve seen is 2100 souls, 2 minors of one type, and 2 of a different minor. Yours is objectively better, even though I have 2.7 million souls.

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Any vault where you get only souls or minors should be equally bad, in my opinion


Lmao 10 char.

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I have gotten that. It was disappointing. Fortunately it was a one-off and other Vault Keys were more generous.

1000 gold, 100 souls, 2 minors. Green.

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I got two diamonds, 100 souls 2 minor stones and 2500 gold and I was truly peeved!

I got like near nothing on the 1 vault key I got. I should have took a screenshot, but it was like 150 gold 100 souls and a couple of minor stones.

You guys should keep your key for next vault event , sirrian said yesterday during streaming , they will buff the rewards in the vault for next event


Welp, time to feed my gnome addiction then. Drop keys, pls? :3

It will still be different strokes for different folks, cuz that’s how its set up now.

Well. 185 xp, 24 gold, 200+16 souls, 1 chaos orb, 1 gold key, 1 gem key, no typos.

10 minors, urgh hurt’s me to remember it >.<

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