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A Buff to Vault Rewards

Hey Everyone,

Since it came up in another thread, I wanted to quickly cover the status of changes to (i.e. buffs to) the Vault rewards.

TL;DR - Some time before the weekend, we’ll be deploying a buff of about 40% (on average) to Vault Loot Rewards.

Read on for the details:

We’ve had this in the works for a little while, and it mainly came about because we wanted to increase the appearance of Gnomes from 1% to 3% after the release of 3.4

When we made them appear 3x more often, unfortunately, we needed to decrease the amount of loot they dropped by an equivalent amount. Basically, you saw 3 times as many Gnomes, but each one dropped one third as much loot.

This had the unfortunate knock-on effect of reducing the amount of loot in the Treasure Vault!
I mentioned at the time we’d investigate buffing that in the future when we had a chance. We wanted to make sure we had it done some time before this week’s Vault Event!

So… some math to explain the buff.

Roughly speaking, in the original version of the Vault, 3 Gnomes dropped X rewards, and Cedric dropped 4X (algebra, not the beer - sorry - Australian humor)
That gave roughly (on average) 7X worth of loot.

After the change to Gnomes, Cedric remained at 4X, but the Gnomes got X/3
That gave roughly (on average) 5X worth of loot.

So we needed a 50% buff to Cedric’s loot to bring it back in line with what we originally intended.

In more real (and exact) terms, Cedric’s average loot value has risen from 205 Gems-worth to 292-Gems-worth. Obviously that’s not exactly 50% increase, but as I mentioned above, those 'X’s were illustrative rough values only.

What does this mean in real terms of loot?

  • Greater chances to get Cedric
  • Greater chances to get Major & Minor Chaos Orbs
  • More keys/gold/soulsdiamonds when you get them
  • Slightly less chance to get keys, gold, diamonds, and souls
  • One larger 250 Gem reward has been added at a small chance

What if you used Keys previous to this weekend? Can you get them back?

  • Sorry - we won’t be issuing any key refunds. But rejoice! It’s a buff!

When will this release exactly?

  • It will be released some time before the Vault event this Friday. No exact date at the moment.

Can I get Cedric’s epic moustache as loot?

  • We’re saving that for the 3.9 body hair update, sorry.

@Rickygervais @KYLENATOR001 @Grundulum


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It’s not great beer, unfortunately.


I spent all of my keys last week so egg on my face, but this is terrific news. :slight_smile:


How about conpletely removing the tiny rewards of 100 souls and such?


I figured this would happen. It’s why I started saving my vault keys awhile back. I feel bad for those who didnt save though (especially, if they don’t follow/know about these forums to even obtain that kind of information).

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Those are on the Gnomes you kill (and can be useful to new players)
Cedric only has 1 Soul reward of 2000 Souls. It’s been reduced from 7% to 3% now


Damn I already used my vault keys when the buff didn’t happen with the 3.4 update thinking it wouldn’t happen at all. I am very happy about this it makes gnome hunting worth it again.

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Wooohoooo ty @sirrian and @Saltypatra

Thanks for the cool news. So am I reading this correctly, that you increased the worth of Cedric’s drops rather than adding a separate drop table for gnomes in the Vault vs outside the Vault?

Does it apply only during vault event? Or it will be any time?

What are the reduced rates for Gold and Diamonds? and if possible, what’s that compare to the drop rate of Valraven/Pet Gnome/Treasure Gnome?

All the time bud. It’ll just start for sure before the vault weekend.

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Awesome news! I’m so glad I saved my vault keys.




What about Pet Gnome? Same chance, or better now?


@Fleg nice stash :slight_smile:

That is an amazing amount of keys. Someone better get me some bread and peanut butter cuz I’m so jelly right now.


Yeah, I only get about 12 hours sleep total each gnome weekend lol. Spent about 30-40 keys to get a copy of new troops but wish I had kept those as well.