Stryx defense teams


So…any of you clowns want to field a Stryx defense team for this week’s event? Or are you still so insecure you need to rely on the usual Justice/Mab or Kerb/FG teams? I’m coming across maybe 1 out 10 teams Stryx. Wouldn’t mind getting some event stones sorted.


You can also get event stones in Explore this week.


It takes under 1 hour to do it in explore. You only need 100 kills for every reward.


I’m on ps4 and I changed my defence from dwarves to stryx. I’m not a clown by the way.


As I do every week, I’ve set my defence according to the weekly event.



Easiest event. Are you Ok?


I’ve changed mine back again after farming all the event exploring for my Mrs in an hour.