This week's event on mobile - Beasts where are thou?

Hey all,

In case I am missing something, as I really hope I am. To get event points you need to defeat Beasts in PVP but, um, no one seems to be using Beasts? I have just done seven battles, each time I have looked at all three opponent teams, and I have a grand total of one event point.

Is this right?

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People might just have not changed their defense teams yet.

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I’ve set mine to 4 beast a few minutes after the reset.

Beasts are everywhere I have only done 8 battles and already have 29 event gems.

Guess I am just being unlucky then with the teams offered. Will keep trying and hopefully get more of them show up.

Not all beasts are created equal though. All the Kerberos/FG teams with the event buff are painfully slow. Definitely beatable, but those defenses aren’t really “helping” anybody. Not that anybody is obligated to be nice, if you want to rack up a couple extra defense wins this week have fun. Personally, I’m fielding these level 5 bad boys as fodder:


If you have lower level teams, you may not be to a point where you can see the Kerberos/FG/Spider/Kerberos teams. There are still a decent amount of other teams floating around now that reset was 8 hours ago.

If it’s still bad for you, try out casual PvP. You will get less trophies for this, but you can get 3 new opponents for only 50 gold instead of a gem. (Learned this weeks ago thanks to @EternalElder)

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Thanks guys. Now I seem to have teams with four beasts, or three options with no beasts, but that is better than earlier!

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Hmmm, another four rounds this morning with none of the three options having a single beast. This is a bit of a slog with my luck :frowning:

I’ve had nothing but Beasts

People telling me they are getting loads of beasts is, like, not helping me…

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I’m at 114 event points right now. With 50 PvP battles. Its quite good ratio.

Yeah stating you have loads of beasts isn’t helping. For someone who may have a lower team score, full beast teams can be hard to find. I would recommend again going to casual PvP. That way you can rotate through opponents for only 50 gold.


Not much luck with Beasts either (lvl 380).
My def team is all beats.

68 battles, 75 points.

The idea with the casual battles and force rotates is good, will do that now.

edit: About 4 refreshes to get a beasts team and somehow the setting is always the same: Kerberos, Giant Spider, Forest Guardian and some other random beast troop.

Yeah that’s what everyone is putting up at the top end. Once you get a team score around 8k, you will see plenty of that this week.

I have a 4 beasty team at the 5k level