Defense Teams - you can put the Dragon teams away now

Yes last week was nice to be able to squash and smash and destroy Bone dragon thanks to Dragon Event week… But goblins are not so powerful against them.

Defense teams - can you just take a chill pill and make some normal teams. Kudos for OPs but keep them for your offense teams. :slight_smile:

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who would use goblins in invade when they have a dragon team? :sweat_smile:

the bugbear gold bonus applies only to explore so pvp is actually completely free for both invade and defense composition choices this week,

so im not getting it what do you mean put dragon teams away?

ps. i put a (i hope) nasty defense team of wulf silent forest mercy +2 yellow :stuck_out_tongue: open for feedback

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Dragons teams as defense teams… I see more this week that there were last week. They need to go to sleep :slight_smile:

Heck I am using my last week’s offense dragon team - replaced dragon egg with Bone Dragon just so I can do this week’s event since I’m getting almost all dragon teams for defense.

I made sure my defense team was still the low points silly one

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weird, personally i dont mind to fight dragon teams, its nicer then the bone dragon teams which typically have no other dragons in it

Even though this weeks Event is nice (one gem per win no matter the PvP team) all of the W/C/BD/F teams are crawling out of the woodwork like cockroaches. Been fighting nothing but those and minor variants. At least when Event Gems are tied to a particular troop type you get some variety from the meta.


I don’t need that much stress in my life. I skip that team (and the variant that replaces Famine with a second Courage), and encourage others to do the same.

I kept my dragon def up as its actually having some success. I dont have bone dragon in it so it cant be that hard to beat. I might change it later in the week but for now it stays lol sorry all!

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I can’t do that. I have to go to a 1-troop defense if I want to get away from the Wraith / Bone Dragon BS. Otherwise, I end up having to spend gems because those teams become so prevalent.

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A lot of times, that’s just due to the early week PVP system getting sorted out after the reset. I’ll often win a bunch of defends on Monday. It normals out on Tuesday and by Wednesday, I’m back to losing 80% of my defends.

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Thays why i said id probably change it later in the week;)

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Oh yeah, I refuse to play that bone dragon cheese team. If I see it, I just pick a lower match. So tired of that one that I’m not giving them another coin.