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Struggling with team building for quests

Hi all! I am new to this game and so far I really like it.

I’m having some trouble though with building a strong enough team for clearing the questlines and getting all the kingdoms online. So far I have unlocked 21 and the last 4 are a real pain to progress through.

My current most used team is this: Titan (Axe of the Spire)/Alchemist/Valkyrie/Zephyros
Which has actually been great for me so far, but now that most troops I face have loads of armor and health, it is beginning to struggle.

Another one I experimented with is this: Bard (Golden Cog)/Clockwork Sphinx/Rowanne/Djinn This team also seems to struggle with the quests.

Since I have a few legendaries, I’m wondering if I could build a team around them and if anyone could help with some suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

My only legendaries are: Basilisk, King Silenus, Moloch, Saguaro
I also have a few epics as well.

Do you have any suggestion about a team or teams that is better than what I currently use?
Thanks in advance!

What’s your Titan class talents? Do you have lvl 20 talents unlocked?

At this point you can probably run something like:

titan + mountain’s crusher
King Gobtruffle
Queen Beetrix
Goblin Shaman

Yes, I’ve levelled the Titan to 29.
The talents I’m using now are: Ferocity (4 Attack), Counterattack (+2 Attack when hero takes damage), Thunderfist (Yellow allies +1 magic - to boost Zephyros) and Storm aura (Create Duststorm - only to fuel Alchemist).

Sadly I’m missing both King Gobtruffle and Queen Beetrix, but I’ll keep the team in mind, in case I manage to get them in the future. Thanks!

sorry, didn’t add enough filters into your collection…
You can try that goden cog build with:

Titan (Golden Cog) -> just to keep Titan gaining exp to unlock lvl 40 trait (which is gamechanger and makes Titan pretty tanky)
Clockwork Sphinx

And try to fill Sphinx 1st, every time. That team should be able to clear lvl 30 fights. Best scenario would be to cast sphinx 2-3x times before casting cog on rowanne and wiping everything with Rowanne cast :wink: <- save your Rowanne casts, until she’s pumped.

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Awesome! That’s super helpful.