Help building beginner team (lvl 54)

Hi everyone, I was hoping I could get some advice for building a beginner team now that I’ve got some troops to play with. Here’s a link to my collection:

I’m still working on finishing the questlines and unlocking all of the kingdoms. I’m currently leveling up my bard class. Here is the team that I’ve been using lately:
- golden cog
- clockwork sphinx
- rowanne
- chimera
- brown/purple banner

The main strategy is to build up rowanne’s armor with sphinx and golden cog and then cast her ability to one shot the enemy team. I feel like chimera is pretty useless right now since he doesn’t synergize with the team at all. Do you guys have any suggestions for a 4th troop I could use from my collections? Are there better builds that I could be making with my current collection? Are there any kingdoms I could prioritize to get good guaranteed classes/troops?

Thanks in advance.


Every kingdom you can unlock an complete the quests will help. Joining an active guild also will provide more resources and benefits to your teams.

If possible use Valkyrie in all your battles as Souls will be very important in every new troop/team you use. For example, you could use some other weapon with your hero and use Valkyrie instead of Chimera. This means you will lose some speed as you might need to cast Rowanne’s spell two or three times, but still you’ll gain more souls in less time.

In the very earlier levels any increment/extra Gold or Souls counts and investing on teams with Valkyrie also helps a lot in the long run because there are many strong Blue troops in this game.

Thanks for the advice. I’m in the process of joining an active guild right now. Do you recommend any methods for acquiring more/better troops? Are guild chests the way to go?

Guild chests are more valuable when a guild reach the upper limit of 40K seals collected (specially if you already maxed out the ascensions of all Guild Guardians troops). I suggest to save your seals for the Mythics exclusive periods, because with enough seals, and luck, you can target and acquire an specific and strong new Mythic.

Old Mythics will either come randomly in Gem or Glory keys that you can keep using as you wish since you are missing many Legendaries.

Try to save your gold for Kingdom Upgrades and once you are finished with all kingdoms you can dedicate all of it to your guild.

It’s faster this way, if you finish all investments in your kingdoms you’ll get better bonuses, win more difficult battles faster and consequently earn more gold to put into your guild. But if you keep splitting your investiments your progress will be slower, more laborious and your contributions in your guild will be minimal for a longer period of time. Talk with your future guildmates and guild leaders, they’ll probably agree.

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  1. Active Guild is essential. If you don’t see 30 participating, leave.

  2. Start doing Daily: Dungeons, Delves, and Daily Tasks for resources if you not already doing so.

  3. Make note of the troops you read about in global or the forum endlessly, they are usually essential.

  4. Get all Kingdoms unlocked for Tribute resources and a free Epic.

  5. DEVOUR ability is awesome for early game PvP. Maw is one example of a Devour troop.

  6. Save all your Gems for both sets of 250 Armor if you are not buying DeathKnight

I used cog / sphinx / rowanne / X for probably longer than I should have. For pet rescues, even past level 1000!

X could be anything you like, especially if it uses either green or blue but not both. My favorites were Ice Goblin, Deep Borer, and Tyri.

Ice Goblin is not as powerful now as it was when I used it, so it might not be worthwhile, except maybe against other goblins.

Tyri is a quest reward, so you can get a copy if you don’t have one yet. It has low mana requirement and great colors for that team. As you level up your magic kingdoms, it will become powerful in the team.

With Tyri, I think I used Tyri / Rowanne instead of Rowanne / Tyri, but either is probably fine.

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Loop Tyri on green/purple as both she and the kraken use those colors, rowanne is backup

I used to use Templar with Rowanne a bit, since it both gives armour and helps to fill her mana.

I second @Razzagor’s advice around using Valkyrie, both for the mana conversion/generation and souls. Soul availability and your troop levels are definitely progress limiters, so countering that is useful.

I’m a big fan of empowered/conversion troops, or just conversion troops in general, as they allow for a very controlled (yet fast/effective) style of play. I saw that you have Tai Pan, which is one of these; other conversion troops to keep an eye on would be Apothecary, Alchemist, Hellcat, Moneylender (actually a gem creation troop, but still useful), and then I guess also Giant Spider, Green Seer, and Diviner. Hellcat and Tai Pan are the only Epics, here - the rest are Ultra-Rare or below.

Oh, also Banshee, Dark Maiden, Deck Hand, even! I use Dark Maiden all the time; Banshee is useful too as a triple threat - gem conversion, damage, and soul gain - but the conditions to trigger a 4 match from blue → red require a little extra effort.

On the whole, though, you’re doing great. Your whole world will change once you get a heavy-hitter, like Yao Guai, for example. If/when you do, use a Major Growth orb on them (and potentially a Minor Orb of Ascension beforehand, if you have one), which you can get quite easily from being in a guild that participates in Raid/Invasion. This takes them straight to their max available level (19 or 20, in this case).

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Thanks for the advice everyone!

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Dwarven Gate was my favorite when I used that team. Gives Mana, barrier (which is helpful for protecting the armor on rowanne). Definitely my favorite common troop.