Streamlining Invasion

Lets talk about UI. Pros and cons of the this patch’s take on things where the invasion package is concerned.

On one hand, we’ve got invasion looping straight back to the PVP menu after you’re done - this saves a bunch of time if you’re just doing it continuously, at the cost of having to click back out of it if you were just doing one for some reason, and also at the cost of not seeing your income show up until you do take a break. Mainly good?

On the other hand, at the end, we now have Glory to get through. And sometimes a traitstone to get through. Unless its a celestial or an arcane, its probably just another traitstone. Glory? Glory is literally currency. It can be put right next to Gold, or next to Souls/Maps/Keys in the bottom right corner; furthermore, its the same every time, so telling us that we’re still getting 3 Glory doesn’t tell us much we don’t already know. Mainly bad, no question - this could have been done so much better.
More notes - the Fast Forward on this doesn’t help quite as much as it should, either. And this could all be on one screen.

BACK TO THE FIRST HAND, because I’ve only got two hands… the game finally remembers which team we were invading with. Upon opening up the game, it knows I was last using Team #18, and has it selected and ready to go. Also, the VIPs’ free scouting is automatic. This is great.

Any other thoughts?

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I agree, the post-battle screen should just bundle all the rewards in a single screen and ditch the useless fast-forward button. I also think that the process of actually finding an opponent is too slow (not sure how much of it is actually searching for opponents or just fancy graphics/animations)

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Agreeing with this… but not a subject I find I am very excited by, sorry…

At least the mouse wheel scroll is back in the UI on Steam! Oddly though the scroll with page up / page down still works and is still the wrong way around!

+1 Like for the free auto scouting too!

Nobody is making you. I happen to take this sort of thing seriously :stuck_out_tongue:

You need to get out more :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 to not having a separate screen for 3 glory each time.

Edit: I’m too young for my memory to be going this soon. Disregard, please.

I thoroughly agree that all the results can easily be consolidated into one screen.

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