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Invasions: Feedback and suggestions

Now I know it’s not out yet, but it will be very soon. Let’s hope it’s not such a drag as the raids went the first week.

Feel free to leave thoughts, comments or suggestions about what we would like to see changed or actually like.

That way by time I get on tomorrow, you, the community will have me all filled in about the new exciting game mode!


Please let’s hope that the rewards per battle are not as lousy as raids!!!


Have they released any info on invasions?

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They’ll likely have a preview by Wednesday, after we all figured it out by then.


I’ll be going in blind. I really do hope we don’t have to spend resources to advance.
I thought the invasions were about gathering resources, not spending them.
But I could be wrong on that.


@Ozball, have they talked about this yet? And considered it in invasions?


You think they could have had this fixed as fast as gnomes being yanked out, maybe they are thinking it out right this time.

Let’s hope so.

Good luck on invasions tomorrow!


So how is everyone liking the invasions?

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It’s okay I guess, expected something different but I’m glad we got a couple more troops to choose from. Rewards are meh, I don’t like the shop which is basically the same as in raids.

But whatever, it’s still better than the raids imo.
btw, did they even change the gnome spawn rate? I just had 3 in a row in explore.

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Invasions are just as terrible as raids.

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Did we expect anything less? Not much thinking put into this new content at all, but it’s a match three game, how much can they do after year 3?

I don’t know if we can blame them.


We need more side games for single player. Maybe craft an arcane by matching x amount of colors in x amount of turns.


I really hope they go old school and rework arena and treasure maps next before anything else new, these two would be a really big hit!

I can’t believe that they have waited this long.


Don’t say that to loud or we will get another link to DB unbalances arena. :wink:


Arena reblance to Gems of War is like Earthbound to Nintendo: you’re only going to get it when quarterly revenue indicates the company will be sold off within 1 quarter.

It works as is because they consciously decided “trophy farmers need a smooth experience” over “we should have a mode where player advancement doesn’t matter.” If, for some reason, trophy farmers stop spending money, they’ll probably consider “hey new players matter” again.


Have a feeling it will boil down to the same strats as raid does when stats scale far enough - nullification (barrier), 1:1 enemy stat scaling (stuff like Mang, Warlord’s Battlecry, etc), and looping. Luckily, using just Beasts and the hero means you can do all three (IF you have key troops, more on that later), so at least for the time being, they are going much faster than raids. Also, for the first time since he was implemented, Bunni’Nog is, at least for a brief time between maybe stages 4 and 7 of the event, optimal. His spell is still hot garbage, though… I have no idea why that is still a conditional double damage and not conditional triple.

I’d imagine this event would be more than just a little more difficult if you don’t have Forest Guardian when it started, and given its not an event week for that and its not in soulforge, I see that as a bit of a potential problem if one of your best tools is left completely off the table with no real way to obtain it if you don’t just happen to luck into having it already. Raids seem to coincide with their event, they aren’t advertised in advance (we have subject to change spoiler data, but most of us going this far already have most of the key troops), so someone could potentially chase a key troop with gems or even make cash purchases. The random troops from the tiers are rarely enough to get a legendary, let alone the legendary you need. Without even a clear path to obtain a specific tool during the period when you might need it most, I can see this causing a lot of frustration as the player just behind the curve with no way to get ahead of it through careful saving, etc. There needs to be a path to obtain key troops for a given Invasion event during said invasion other than 1 in 10,000 luck.

Weapon, while following the same archetype as the crappy raid one, is a bit better this time because it better fits the content. Hero at least can be a Beast to get the full 16 spawn, it spawns useful colors for the things it is paired with, and unlike raids where the boss has an all colors instakill spell, you might have a battle where missing an extra turn wont straight cost you a troop or the game. Still, these do pitiful damage and I believe they could use a double or triple damage condition, or something other than just a tiny amount of damage. Want your 250 gem incentive to consistently be worth 250 gems (or at least the extra 150 gem commitment) to incentiveize more buys? Buff these weapons to be an effective tool for the content over beyond the first few stages for a low level player. As it stands, they are barely usable as that. This is a reward tier I will stop buying next rotation if they continue in their current state, even if it means more empty slots in my weapon collection and they have absurd costs later down the road.


  • Event still looks like it will get samey after a while
  • not having a key troop and not having a path to get said troop during an event is likely a very frustrating experience
  • weapon is a bit more appropriate but still sucks. Please buff these to be effective on the content they were designed for, if not optimal at least for some people that are able to participate in the content

So the per battle rewards are just as unbalanced as raids were then?

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I hate the raid event but I kinda like invasion. Using one kingdoms troops (as in raid) often creates weak teams and we see it better with shentang troops. Next raid will be with glacial peaks and there is no chemical between that kingdom’s troops either.

But using a troop type as beasts or goblins or etc kinda works.


This quote makes really good points, and I want to stick to bullet points for my additions/reinforcements.

  • Invasions, at first, feel like a lazy copy/paste of raid bosses.
  • If you actually play the invasions, I think you’ll find them a bit more interesting. I think a large part of this is “Beasts” is a more fun toybox than “Shentang”.
  • Making it a Beast week and Beast event but not having Beast-themed bundle of sales is a missed opportunity. The $50 bundles aren’t even Beasts. The Soulforge isn’t presenting Beasts. If you’re out of beasts and flush with money, it’s a good week to go buy other games.
  • The weapons thus far feel underwhelming. They are balanced well for normal play, but Invasions aren’t normal play and it feels like the Raid/Invasion Shop should sell things useful for the current event.
  • Thank goodness it’s not another Deathmark/instakill cheese-fest.

The first impression is “lazy”, and analysis of the money doesn’t remove that taste. I think the mode itself is more fun than Raid Boss, but nothing about any of these events is encouraging me to hoard 1,000+ gems.

My secret hope is the store tiers carry over, so years from now when another Beast invasion happens, I can spend gems on tiers I didn’t unlock this time instead of starting over at Tier I. This excitement will be dampened when I notice, a year from now, I’ve already maxed the relevant beasts and the high-tier rewards aren’t important anymore.

All in all RBs and Invasions look like a good sign of long-term content, but it’s a very unfair cycle to new players and by the time it does cycle I think current players won’t care. I hope they’re being used as a diversion while a better guild mechanic is being designed.

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The invasion is FAR WORSE than the raid. At least for the raid you could clear each stage up to the boss and do some damage. For the invasion, the second stage has lvl 20 guys that are fully traited, and the bottom card has 4/5 match for team damage. I’m done for the week and I ain’t using gems for a stupid damage card that is only good for one week.

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Copy and paste from another thread but still relevant.

Just how long do you morons think it takes to INSTANTLY CHANGE THE REWARDS… GNOMES ANYONE??? that was pretty damn quick, once they seen we might be getting stuff for free, wasn’t it. So please be quiet if you think they couldn’t have at least tweaked the rewards to make it more appealing