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PvP UI - minor request

A minor request for the PvP interface…

When I have been invaded, currently it:

  1. Takes me to the stats page when I finish a PvP match
  2. Shows the big purple tier progress chart after popping up the defence wins or losses rewards

This mildly annoys me:

  1. After a PvP match, I want to pick another one; I care much less if I’ve been invaded and I could go check that from time to time, not go there every time I’ve had one defence battle…
  2. I make tier 1 on day 1 of the PvP week, the big purple rewards chart is irrelevant, and even when I’m heading up the tiers, I only care to come here if I have tier rewards to get… I don’t ever really need to see that big purple screen; I know the rewards come every 100 points and steadily increase… Also the big purple screen sometimes takes an age to load on my phone…

Resolution please:

  1. After a PvP match return to the PvP opponent choice screen (ranked if I just played ranked, casual if I just played casual)… And if I’ve been invaded and have an outstanding wins/losses pop-up to see, then put a flashing ‘!’ on the stats button at the bottom…
  2. After I get the wins/losses pop-up, don’t show the big purple chart… Put the big purple chart somewhere else on a button so I can look at it if/when I choose (for me that’s never, but beginners would need to see it)…

I hope devs could find a little time to make these simple tweaks.


As a mid-level player I don’t get invaded that often, but I still found that a little distracting to switch tabs so suddenly.

+1 for this

+1 to this.

Also it would be nice if you could sneak a small notification for tribute collection on the pvp screen so that you don’t have to exit each time to check.

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Pretty much this.

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While we’re at it, can we also stop sending back to the Kingdom screen after quest or challenge?

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I’m fairly sure Sirrian wanted to make that change. Don’t know where it went…

Sort of requested this as well here: Troop leveling/Replay option/Challenge overhaul (did not explicitly ask for no drop out but it’s kinda implied by my challenge menu idea)

Bumping this in the hope of a response from @sirrian or @nimhain

EDIT: seeing as it now has 19 likes…

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I would like to click on the pvp icon to collect rewards without having to go to the screen that shows tier rewards.

+1 to this :smiley:

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Bumping this again to annoy a response out of @sirrian or @nimhain:slight_smile:

My thread is up to 21 likes :slight_smile: that’s huuuugely popular :wink:

And a similar thread just appeared…


Unfortunately I didn’t get a screenshot and I wasn’t following the chat overly closely, but in Global Chat yesterday I believe Sirrian mentioned they were looking at removing the rewards table pop-up when collecting PVP results. But I don’t know more than that, sorry.

Yep - this one is on our list!


wish i could like 10,000 times :slight_smile:


I am so happy to hear, this is being worked on! Definitely an annoyance.

Love it, devs are awesome, now please hit the give the Pink ninja with utters a copy of Plague, please and thank you!