Streamer LF friendly mature English-speaking guild

Newbie, but active player looking for friendly mature English-speaking guild :slight_smile:

I’m streamer from Russia, making vids @ youtube: - in English - in Russian

It would be fun to join more or less active guild (like ranked in #1000) to show my subscribers more fun - guild wars & etc :slight_smile: I’m ready to help and participate in it when I’ll grow in strenght a bit :slight_smile:

I’m 26 lvl and 32 y.o. :smiley:

Please post there invitation link to your website/guild topic/discord channel, I’ll come to check-in :slight_smile:

I’m not in a hurry - wanna find cozy place with good people :slight_smile:

Check out DruidsHaven. It’s part of a great, low stress guild alliance.