Lvl 183 Guild Hunting, love to play and knows the game

Hey, call me SKREEMZ.
I’ve been perfectly fine with playing this great game solo for a very long time.
Made my own one man guild just for the hell of it. Earned 1635 Trophies… Not sure if that matters at all though…
But anyways I’d like to expand my horizons (and rewards)

Some notes though:
-Never played guild wars, but I login and play everyday
-Very Familiar with PVP
-A little low on gold at the moment (around 60K)
-No Mythic troops, not many runic trait stones
-BUT godamn if I wont take on any team and sometimes win…
namely with abusing death marks, barriers, poison and true damage…

Anyways, hit me up!

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Hi there, I’m not sure what your activity committed weekly is but here our link with reqs and if that’s on par with what your looking for we can give it a go.

Hi there! We are a fairly casual guild that has a lot of great members. Mins are 60k gold/ 600 seals/ 40 trophies. If you are a new player, we are relaxed on gold and more hope for you getting all your seals.

If you are an active player, we would love to have you. We are looking for people who claim most, if not all, of their weekly 1500 seals.

He joined Dominant, hope its a good fit for him.

Thanks for the heads up! I didn’t know if your gold requirement was too high for him.

Best of luck!

If he’s able to meet the trophy req then the gold shouldn’t be a challenge especially given his level while still having room to build kingdoms.