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LVL 745 no longer looking for a guild (Found a home, thanks all!)

HI there,
I am looking for a guild where everyone is treated fairly/equally. Previously I have been in guilds where the GM lowers the guild weekly requirements to meet the lackadaisical attitudes of his/her real life friends and due to that the guild lost spots in the guild ranking and routinely failed to get all 6 tasks finished not to mention only rarely getting to 40k seals.

I am looking for a guild that enforces minimum requirements and does not offer a pass just because the GM knows the person in RL. I understand that RL happens and everyone needs a pass once in a while and this is the type of situation that I am not talking about.

I am looking for a guild that:

  1. Completes all 6 tasks/colors weekly
  2. Collects 40k seals weekly
  3. Enforces reasonable weekly requirements

I have no problem providing:

  1. 1500 seals
  2. 500K gold +
  3. 200 trophies +

I thought finding a guild would be easier then this…;(

You can always join a random guild until we get an opening :slight_smile:

Looks like am going to join Almost Epic if Amitiel can find a spot.

And Almost Epic is to full of good/active members for one to be kicked so I am still on the hunt for a new home.

Let’s chat! You sound like DruidsGlade Guild! :slight_smile: