Helping a friend find guild

My friend is low level (20ish) but is really enjoying gems of war. He is a gamer through and through (when he’s not working,) I’ve been gaming with him for 10 years, easy.

I’d like to find him an active guild with low or no gold reqs. I think he will be able to do 600 seals and 50 trophies a week.

I’ll PM interested parties with his invite code. Any takers?

I would suggest he try global chat, lots of active guilds recruiting that will take newbies

Or look on here

Hey there!

Im the GM of Intrim and we have space for your friend in one of our guilds no matter his playstyle.

Its all pretty well summed up in this post from our recruitment thread.

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@Saluki GM now huh? Nice!

@Vangor Wow man your behind on that news lol!

Ive been GM for like 6 months now :slight_smile:

So close to being a different story! You played a big role in deciding my fate that day my friend!

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Heh wish i could take credit brudda… Wasnt my decision i was just the messenger although you would probably be GM of unrepentant if it had worked out the other way lol