493 lvl active player looking for a guild


Hi, my brother is a non english speaker but very active player. 493 lvl, weekly 1500 Seal, Daily gw warrior and he can collect 250k or more gold for guild tasks. He is looking for a active competitive guild.

DRAGGAN_KHUA is his account name.


I’ll send him an invite…are you gonna be his translator for us? What is his mother language?


Yes, I will. What is your guild name? Should I ask him to leave his guild?


he’s already left his guild, invite is sent :grinning:


He is waiting for the invite. Can you try one more time?


His invite code is DRAGGAN_KHUA


Aha…that explains…I invited DRAGGAN before…lol


Tried again…should work now


My bad :smile:


Oh great, have fun! If you want to talk to him, you can write to me here and I can translate.


In which guild do you play…we still have an open spot :wink:


We were playing in the same guild with my brother but I am a level 1087 player looking for a guild which finishes legendary tasks. I can join your guild too if you finish legendary tasks?


Ok sorry…no legendary tasks here, happy when we get 3-4


Oh, okay :blush:


Hi join Anemoessa, All tasks + LT on Monday. Rank 111 and GW bracket 10. Are you interested?


Oh I am sad to hear that, your guild is really great but another guild already invited me yesterday. I should try their guild for a while. Thank you.