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Level 635, active player looking for a guild with LT’s

Hello. I play this game almost everyday and i need a new guild right now.
What i can give to you?
-30/30 Guild War participation. (Mostly wins)
-1500 seals
-200-250k gold per week
-150-200 thropies (300-400 some weeks if i don’t have an exam or sth)

All my kingdoms are level 10. And 5 stars almost (5 missing)
Please don’t send invite if you are a mid tier guild with no tasks.
Thank you already :slight_smile:
Invite code: TOILETPAPER_1

Found it. Thank you for your interest :slight_smile:

Hi you can join Anemoessa … we ask nothing more than to be active. Everything you offer are appreciated. Every Monday full tasks + LT.

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I’ve tried to invite you to our level 28 guild but the code doesn’t exist? :frowning: