Level 738 Looking for new guild

500k+ gold (have contribute as much as 1mil/wk)
1500 seals every week
300+ trophies
GW daily

Looking for a fun guild with similar requirements to what I’m doing.
Would like a cooperative/teaching guild that is active in discussions to help me grow my skills and team.
New-ish to guilds. Member of my first and only guild for 6 months. Looking for a long-term top 100 team.

Invite Code Wick_5


Hi there, are you interested in Anemoessa?
Rank 97, GW bracket 6. All tasks + LTs
no reqs than 500 seals and GW battles.

Also we have a Discord channel for all the help on GWs.

Hi! Thank you so much for responding. Your guild sounds great and I would have loved to be a member, however I have already accepted an offer to join another guild. Thanks again though.