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(Found a good fit guild) LvL 609 LF active guild

Hello. I am a veteran player, LvL 609, returning to the game and looking for an active guild. Invite code Pete_70

Thanks for considering.

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Can you tell us a little more? What is for you an active guild? What can you offer?

I will GW daily and would prefer a guild requires members to GW daily. Although I can hit high requirements, if needed, I would prefer a guild with medium-high requirements. I am very busy in irl and do not wish to grind on a daily basis.

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Not sure how old of a player you are, but are you familiar with Guild War now

Celestial Peak, rank 47, will have a spot open this Sunday. Our weekly min is only 500 seals and 100 trophies, but we also need daily Guild War participation. We do complete all tasks, 40k seals, can finish 1-2 Legendary Tasks a week, and currently at GW bracket 3. Could you give more about your own performance stats?

Also, are you ok with either joining the guild’s FB or Discord for better interactions?

Hi you can join Anemoessa lv101 guild bracket 6 GWs.
Only requirements are GWs and 500 seals.