Hello I am looking for a 40k seal guild

Hello I am looking for a 40k seal guild.

Me lvl 160+
Seals 1500 weekly.
I am willing to contribute gold as required.
Willing to praticipate in quild wars.
I usualy gain 100-200 thropies per week.

Invite code EWERLAST_V9FQ

Let me know when interested and i will leave my current non competitive guild.

Celestial Peak may have a spot open this weekend.
We are currently rank 47 and in GW bracket 3.
We completely all Tasks, plus one or two Legendary Tasks a week.
And yes, we are a 40k seals guild, although this actually depends on winning at least 3 GW in a week, but usually manages to pull it off.
Our requirement is only 500 seals/100 trophies. However, to get promotion you need to do much more than that of course :slight_smile:

My question is, are you ok with running GW daily on time? And how confident do you feel about competing in Bracket 3? How is your GW experience so far? Please let me know via PM for further discussions if you’re interested.