Looking to grow with a good guild

Hi there
I started to play this game 1 month ago and I’m really into it and now I want a good active guild.

I am lvl147, very active
4 kingdom max (still working on that)
I can provide 1.5k seals
200+ trophies

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I got room for you. If u do trophies and seals and gw battles…gold not necessary

Whats your invite code

I would gladly invite you to our guild, i’m fine with you leveling your kingdoms first and i see you leveled up pretty quick :smiley:
We need 1100 seals more to get the 10k and we finish atleast 5 of each task each week, tending towards 6 lately.
Feel free to join our guild’s Discord, so we can chat and get you into the guild https://discord.gg/qxEEqfs

Celestial Peak is recruiting!
We are rank 47 in the League, Level 927 as a guild, with only a casual weekly min of 500s/100t.
However, a Casual status player can only remain at lowest member rank.
To get a promotion, full GW participation is required, as well as a 300k/1500s/300t contribution.

So you have a wide range to decide whether you wish to chill or be competitive.
Please let me know if you’re interested!

EDIT: We complete all Guild Tasks too!

Thanks you guys for your time and invitation, I have found a guild.