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Celestial Peak (Rank 46) [closed]

We are a group of GoW gamers hoping to maintain as much of a casual environment as possible while still remain a top 50 Guild! Our requirement is currently a lax minimum of 500 seals, 100 trophies, plus GW, but we try to encourage everyone to put in more efforts when time allows.

We finish all tasks, and are currently a 30k seals guild. Depending on our progress in GW, occsionally we can hit 40k seals as well.

Currently recruitment is open for those who are looking to chill and chat with us!

Bumping for new recruits~~
1 Spot open!

Hello! Daily active lvl 220, lost my last guild due to Android O imposed inactivity.

Invite name: ELIZABETH_39

Heya! Sorry for late reply! (Time difference, I just woke up)
We just filled that last spot, but I think there will be one open up later today.
One of the members have expressed that they will be leaving the game soonish.
Let me check with him first and I’ll reply to you via msg, Ok?

Thanx for showing interest in our guild!

It’s a new week and we have spots open!

Bumping for recruitment!

Hello, im considering to leave my guild.

Im not an hardcore player, but not quite casual one. Basicly i do rank 1, dungeons and 30 GWs. Im looking for a guild who can be above 20k seals and win some GW.
I can offer around 300k gold (maybe more), 1k seals and the pics bellow are made in bracket 23 i think.

week 22-29oct

week 30oct-5nov

Consider my application for future slot openings.

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Hi! There is actually one person in the waiting list before you right now.
Not sure when it will be, but I will definitely contact you again should another spot opens up in the future.
Good luck tho!

invite TOMIS_ACQN active player

Unfortunately we are full at the moment ><
Sorry buddy!

Hey been playing a while love the game haven’t really played seriously but I am ready to start if I can get a chance I’d appreciate it can’t find a serious devoted clan by random clan switch hit me up I’d be happy to join

Hey! Thanx for showing interest. But we currently do not have a space open right now. Sorry, buddy!