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Celestial Peak Recruiting. Rank 46

We are Currently Rank 52 with one spot open. We are looking for an active player for a casual competitive guild. We are shaking up requirements for advancement, but staying in is still fairly easy. Questions? Ask. Mainly looking at seals/trophies per week (500 seals min), and hopefully some gold donation.

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We run a Casual-Competitive Policy to tailor to all range of player base.
If you want to play casually and chill, you only need to maintain 500 seal/100 trophies weekly.
If you want to be competitive and get in-guild promotion, you have to hit 300k gold/1500 seals/300 trophies weekly.

Bumping this thread because recruiting is hard nowadays :sob:

We have openings!
Celestial Peak is probably one of the older guilds still lounging around.
We host a Casual-Competitive policy. And we welcome any level range.
Newbie-Training also offered! Please leave a message or PM me directly if interested.

2 Spots open!

Hi !
i have no problems hitting 1500 seals/300 trophies weekly!
my in game name is ChongPang

i wish to seek application for a slot

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Welcome to Celestial Peak!

We are now Rank 51!
One spot open.
Our guild is suitable for any level range and obligations.
For those who want a chilled, casual environment, our weekly min is only 500s/100t.
For those who want to be competitive, you can aim for 300k/1500s/300t to earn in-guild promotions.
We’re not a hardcore guild, but we typically hit 30k seal pool a week, and can complete about 3 guild tasks.

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Annnd close again!
Thanx for the fast response!

Open recruitment again for 2!
Tired of hardcore req and just want a more casual environment?
Celestial Peak is the place for ya! We’re at Rank 51st with alot of fun people to be around.


Time to bump this up to the front of the line again. Rank 44 guild recruiting. 3 spots open! Weekly Minimums are 500 seals, 100 trophies, and 30 Guild Wars fights. Promotions come harder, 300k gold/1500 seals/300 trophies/30 Guild War fights. Reply or message me here to join!

One spot open!
Please inquire if interested!

It’s that day of the week again!
We have 1 spot open!

Casual conditions of 500s/100t.
Promotion conditions of 300k/1500s/300t
Guild War required. (Bracket 3 to 6 ish)

We do complete all Tasks, and occsionally depending on GW results we can hit 40k seals as a guild as well.
Please inquire if interested!

Hello. I am a long time active player. I can meet your requirements. My invite code is CREVOLUTION. Thank you.

Err, unfortunately our spot filled up half an hour ago ><
Sorry for your trouble!
And thank you for showing interest. Good luck with your search!