Celestial Peak (Rank 39) Recruiting (Close)

To clarify, we are not a hardcore guild.
Yet we still consistently stay within the top 50 rank, and is currently League ranking 39.

Instead, we are a semi-hardcore guild aim to provide a friendly gaming environment for the working professionals who can’t commit to a fixed quota contribution every week. Instead of a quota contribution, we require a hard standard of Activity. Demotion and removal from guild will be based on your inactivity days. No moochers please. Everyone in the guild is professional enough to admit when they cannot play the game anymore to be a positive presence for the guild, and so far have been able to remove themselves peacefully without any drama.

2 spots open. Welcome all professionals, non-drama orientated player applications.

What sort of seal milestone and contribution do you usually see? My gf and I play daily and are looking for a more active guild. Not hell bent on hitting caps every week but we’d love to join if you were hitting 10k on the seals and finished at least a handful of tasks.

10k Seal = no problem
20k Seals roughly every other week.

Task-wise, roughly Level 9 ish across the board